Proof Of Small Man Syndrome Found In The US

According to the US Government, the small man syndrome is a reality. The small man syndrome refers to a condition where men who feel they are not ‘masculine’ enough in the society’s eyes are more likely to commit violent acts compared to people who are comfortable with their bodies and personality.

While it is a common perception and people who are ‘macho’ are prone to acts to aggression, but it turns out that acts of aggression are committed more commonly by people who feel the least masculine. A lot of it is owed to the baseless stereotyping by society and people who do not feel masculine tend to seek power, war and conquests to make up for  their ‘shortcomings.

The research was conducted by the Centres for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia and this condition has been termed as the ‘male discrepancy stress’, where men who are not comfortable with their ‘masculinity’ commit crimes and assaults more often than men who are comfortable in their own skin.

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