Poem: Promise Me Before I Go

Poem: Promise Me Before I Go 4







The only shining eyes where I first

see a diamond smiling;

Promise me, will never shed tears

when my eyes opens no more.


The only smile by which, you

make me fall in love at every sight ;

Promise me, will never shrink

when my last curtain falls.


The only cheek that got my love bite

and happend my first kiss ;

Promise me, will never let wet

when I pass the final flag.


The only heart that beats in my name

and bounds me in its love ;

Promise me, will never stops

so that I could live until you stay alive.

In return, I promise you

how strong be my grave, wherever you’re

I’ll come to see your smile

and be with you until you smile.


Because, your every little tear

will caught me as a great flood.

When your smile vanishes,

Sun in my world goes down and darkness spreads.

And I could exist only if-

you smile and smile and smile.



Written by Aiswaryars

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