US Presidential Debate: 9 Celebrity Reaction

Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton had  face-off at the 3rd and final U.S. Presidential debate on 19th October, 2016. The session was flooded with controversies as Clinton remarked that Trump “goes after women’s dignity”. Trump, though, at the end of the debate, referred to Clinton as “a nasty woman”. Social media, as always, was excited and the debate became Twitter’s trending topic. Let us look into some of the quirkiest reactions of celebrities about the presidential debate, mostly trolling Trump


Chelsea Handler has a hilarious reaction on Donald Trump’s issues with immigration.

screenshot_2016-10-20-12-13-33_11 presidential debate


American footballer Connor Ryan tweeted on the debate as well.

screenshot_2016-10-20-12-13-33_1 presidential debate


Judd Apatow surely got infuriated at Trump defending Putin! The best reaction!

screenshot_2016-10-20-12-14-00_1 presidential debate


Everyone had a good laugh at this, including Seth MacFarlane.

screenshot_2016-10-20-12-14-18_1 presidential debate


We know Sarah, we know. *sighs*

screenshot_2016-10-20-12-14-28_11 presidential debate


YES! Of course, he did, Chloe.

screenshot_2016-10-20-12-14-28_1 presidential debate


There, she said it.

screenshot_2016-10-20-12-14-35_1 presidential debate


Seems like the old-fashioned way is not boring at all. Ellen is capable of giving the best reaction, as always.

screenshot_2016-10-20-12-14-48_11 presidential debate


That is a fantastic observation and reaction afterwards, really!

screenshot_2016-10-20-12-14-48_1 presidential debate


This was the final Presidential Debate for the elections and Hillary Clinton emerged to be the winner as per statistics.

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