All The Possible Reasons Why You Keep Waking Up At Night

What Can Be The Possible Reasons Why You Keep Waking Up At Night?

There are many people who can’t sleep properly at night. Many don’t sleep all night at all. But they don’t necessarily have the same reason to stay up all night. Some even stay awake thinking about all the possible reasons why they keep waking up at night or can’t sleep at all.

reasons why you keep waking up at nightHere are the possible reasons why you keep waking up at night.


It is defined as the extreme love for the night or the darkness. There are people who are so much in love with the night that they don’t even like to sleep at night. They instead sleep in the morning. This might sound a little weird but to the nyctophiles, this is quite normal and they often take great pride in it. Nyctophiles are the people who are in love with the night or darkness. It gets a little difficult for those who have day jobs but they manage somehow and just because they sleep all day long it is not really tough for them to stay awake all night.



This is a disease or a sleep disorder where a person cannot sleep, at any time of the day. This can one of the most common reasons why you keep waking up at night. But still, there are people who sleep very less, not because they are stressed or have already slept in the afternoon.

They can’t sleep for no absolute reason at all. This might sound strange but completely true. In extreme situations, these people do not sleep at all. This might often need medical concern as it is quite a serious issue.

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)

Women during their premenstrual syndrome face a lot of troubles mostly related to hormonal and emotional issues. One of this is sleeplessness. 3 out of 4 women face this problem all over the world and it’s completely normal. This happens because of the hormonal changes a female body goes through during this time.

Anxiety And Depression

There are people who are suffering from anxiety and depression. People often don’t understand the problem and hence don’t seek medical help. This issue is as serious as any other disease. Ignoring these might cost a person a lot in later life. Anxiety or depression causes a lot of problem for a person suffering from it, and one of those problems is lack of sleep.

Unwanted Thoughts

If you are an over-thinker, no wonder you can’t sleep. Overthinkers don’t sleep because they simply can’t. They can’t sleep even if they are sleepy after a long tiring day. There are thoughts that keep bothering them all night long. They try not to think but still they do. They try to fall asleep but they end up thinking about things that don’t even matter.


Slept Already In The Afternoon

Then there are people who sleep for almost four hours in the afternoon and complain about not being able to at night. They assume they have issues or as most of the millennial say, fallen in love. But nothing of that sort has ever happened to them. They just have a rough sleep schedule.  This might be one of the reasons why you keep waking up at night that you didn’t think of before.


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