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Portrayal Of The Young In Movies

Portrayal Of The Young In Movies 4


If we look unto the past fifty years, we see that the young lads have achieved many great things in life. Each and every field, including that of Politics, Film making, Medicine, Engineering, Building Construction, and others, is in need of talented young minds. But, the dignity given to youngsters in most of today’s movies is kind of bad. This type of media try to express good thoughts, but the way they portray youngsters is bad.


Some films are based on real-life incidents. For instance, yesterday in the film that I was watching, the main character is a young guy full of vengeance, trying to take revenge on a specific man who murdered his beloved parents. The film shows that the young man succeeds in this great quest. This gives great courage to today’s youngsters to take up violence and they get imbibed into acts of revenge and terror.

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It is a known fact that in today’s world many girls are being assaulted. The filmmakers , in the idea of bringing these incidents to light, try to make it a film. For that purpose, they pay other girls to act with a minimal amount of costume to portray the pain in being assaulted.

Though the incident happened for once, they screen the same thing over and over again which eventually hurt the young girls and their parents. The point which is to be noticed here is does this portrayal of women being assaulted change anything in the long-run or does the portrayal of the criminal encourage today’s youth in all the wrong directions??

There are some films which portrays the life of adolescent boys, surrounded by bad company, who either become drug addicts,criminals or rapists. The climax scene finally shows the sufferings he experiences due to his bad character.

If we notice carefully, most of the film shows the happiness enjoyed by this young guy and only the last fifteen minutes shows how he suffers in his life. The happiest moments of the movie will stay for a long time in the memory of the youth. This creates a thought that bad ways do give long lasting happiness which will lead to the destruction of life.

Most of the films depict that a person who loves and fights and murders is a HERO. But, it is not so in the real world. It’s always not necessary to take law in your own hands to keep things in the right place.


Most of the readers may find it awkward to compare a youth to clay, because usually it is not a good sign. But I would like to compare youth to clay. Everyone knows that the clay would be first broken down into fragments.

Then, all the impurities are removed. After this process, some water is added to the fragments and the mixture is smashed for best results. Then, the clay is placed in a wheel by the potter. As the wheel rotates, the clay is shaped. Followed by this, the pot is burnt in the fire. Finally, the pot is ready to be used.

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Likewise, A youth is broken down into fragments, and his/her parents remove all the impurities such as vile characters and bad thoughts. Then, it is time for the teachers to add education which is the water for youngsters. All the Exams, internals, projects, assignments join together to smash the youth.

Followed by this act, the youth is placed in the wheel of society, as the wheel rotates, time fleets. Potters in the form of parents, teachers, friends, well-wishers, Law and Order, Role models shape a youngster’s life. Finally, the youth is burnt in the fire of experience, and now the youth is ready to shake the world with his/her tremendous talents.

No one has the right to misuse them. Now, I hope it is valid to compare a youth to clay. The power of youth is much wider than it is being considered to be. So, false depiction of these powerful people must be strictly prohibited. Let us encourage media to portray youngsters as the pillars of our nation and not merely a tool for entertainment for the power of youth is beyond imagination and is indescribable.


We will love, not people
but our nation.
We will fight, not against people,
but against poverty.
We will achieve, not until we are young
but till our death.
We will trust, not in other,
but in ourselves.
We will protect, not ourselves
but our dignity.
We will arise, not one day
but TODAY.


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