The poem deals with the issue of money. Money in this poem is likened to a stranger who is characterized with the nature of travelling from one place to another. Money being so sweet has done good as well as bad to the people. Regardless of the value of money, it does not prevent anyone to use it when it comes to him/her.


A stranger that is what you are
You come today and leave tomorrow
You don’t care even if you are needful
Departing is always your maxim
Have you consider your status?
Everyone craves to have you
Even in scuffles and fair-play
They need you like never before

Your blue-print are untraceable
No trace of you is found at your departure
Even when the previous week was selective
The coming week exude thoughts constantly
One thing about you that mystifies me
You don’t even respect age, calibre
Even when chances says yes
You say no and walk away
I wish to exterminate this stranger
You have tortured my thirst for life
And has turn my dream to a room
Clean today and murky tomorrow

When shall my compound be dirty?
The whole neighbour waits for you
The refuse bin is tired of holiday
They rust like Ulysses’ return to Ithaca

You are just a perfect stranger
Your value is oecumenical
But you tend to be difficult to keep
Because your feet always want to travel
You have visited millions of homes
In winters, spring and even autumn
Yet no trace of you is left behind
It looks like you have not visited at all
But I will earnestly wait for you
Cos I know you have delight in hard-work
You gag but not with dedicated souls
That’s the little assurance that keeps whispering

A stranger that’s what you are
How many lives have you shattered?
Even those that worth your presence
Your choosy nature has nick named you as a visitor
Do you really think you’re a master?
You are not because of your interim value
They choose to use you anyhow
Even when they don’t get you anyhow

You are rib-tickling to me
I kept on laughing because of your modus vivendi
You are age-less yet sensitive
A mint of you can blow-off mind
Choose you this day, to stay or go
They are tired of your movement

Go now
Or forever stay with us.



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