Poetry: The Heart And The Brain.

In the old, brain vs heart debate, don’t we make the mistake of unfairly blaming the heart for things that aren’t really its fault? This is just a glorification of the brain of the emotional people who are often mistaken for being brainless idiots. Idiots we are, yes, but all thanks to our brains.

heart brainSome cells die everyday
Some get lost and others wither
They say biology is not for the melancholic
I always thought it was.
Probably because I did not understand biology with my brain

But it’s not a question of brain versus heart
The heart does nothing, you see?
The romanticisation of heart, whenever and however it happened
Was a curious mistake.
You love with your brain
All the stupid things that you do,
Your brain thinks all that up.

Your brain forgets birthdays
Your brain remembers the 56th fight you had
At 2:36 am, 7th December, 2014
Your brain knows what she did
It’s your brain that has to crawl out of that hole
After it’s all said and done.
Your brain slowly deepens and then slowly closes the pit
And in the end, your brain convinces you that it’s okay to be happy again.
To be stupid again.

heart brain

But you see, your heart never cares
It keeps beating when you see her
It keeps beating when you don’t
It keeps beating when you kiss her
It keeps beating when you don’t remember her anymore.
Faster and slower perhaps.
No, just faster.

Your heart really doesn’t care unless your body needs it to
That’s one part of love, I guess
But not nearly the entirety of it.
Biology is a big part of melancholy and love.
So I tried but failed to understand it with just my heart.

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