A poem about the beauty and the futility of a life in the shadows; of a world that never sees the sunrise, but is awash with starlight all the same. It is the world of the outcasts of society, the universe of the dreamers.


Poetry: Insincere Things    1

Let us do some insincere things,

I have tasted everything;

Daily kisses, nightly flings,

Words that burn the tongue that speaks.


Bitter days guide bitter nights,

White crystals in whiter wine;

Broken homes with half-lived lives,

Pale angels our haunts alight.


All who come, they all must go,

The party ends at first-light show;

Broken glass like diamonds shine,

Rubies adorn the carpet-line.


Welcome to this roller coaster ride,

Of loves that soar and crash;

By hate devoutly we abide,

We yearn for splintered trash.


Tonight we’ll do some insincere things,

‘Cause it’s all I know;

We live and die before first-light,

Our songs in shadows glow.


Mornings are for better men,

Of the daylight world;

On the nights that Luna hides,

We drink the stars from broken cups.



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