Poem: The Life of a Beggar

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Poem: The Life of a Beggar 1


There is struggle in everyone’s life. But not everyone has the same courage. The courage is to fight the odd times to fight with your own fate and achieve what you deserved to be. Lucky are those people who go to sleep with full stomach. Few of them are forced to beg as they don’t have resources others are either too old to work. Here is an attempt to describe the life of a beggar.


The wrinkles on my face,
I am standing on my place,
the days of youth are gone,
The days of rains are gone,
Once the legs used to never get tired,
Today i think they have retired,
Through the life of mine,
I tried my best to shine,
Few days were full of struggle,
Few days were full of joyous bubble,
time challenged me many a time,
i could not manage the food once a time,
Through the streets of busy street,
I was walking with bare feet,
few saw my clothes,
God saw my watch,
I sold balloon for children,
through their blood i-pad runs,
Many staring at my forehead,
Few staring at my hairs on my head,
Empty stomach teaches you,
which no teacher can teach you,
Worked hard and defeated my fate,
My son wrote on slate,
Soon i had a shed on my head,
things start to shine for me,
No more empty stomachs, No more tears to see,
Finally i am satisfied with my realm,
like the world is an ocean,

I am like the drop of rain,
not enough to make sweet the ocean,
but enough to create the ripple,wrinkles on my face,
i am standing on my place,


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