Poem: Holy Fort

Poem: Holy Fort 1

Holy Fort refers to our true home!
The poem describes the scenario of human beings trapped in this illusory world and how with a totem(here, a special gift) we can reach the Holy Fort.

Is this a land of truth or lies?
We being statues placed among the flies,
Lying blind underneath five starry skies
I hold the totem of the highest sky.

Getting home isn’t easier, we need to try
For we see the world as real through illusion’s eyes
The redeemer is asking us to bid goodbye,
Are we the sinners trapped in prejudice?

Greed and ego are witty spies
Haunting the world with contemporary device,
I hold no worry, I am sure to fly
For the totem I hold is of the highest sky.

Life is a ghost so be the host,
Muster courage put up your toast.
Within time hop in to beloved’s boat,
It’s destined to reach the Holy Fort!

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Garima Shahi