A poem about life

A poem about life 1

Today I decided to write a simple poem which follows a child’s persuit to quell his curiosity of what life is


I wonder what life is?

Can it do a flying kiss?!


For several days I was pensive,

The answer I need receive.


So I go ask the blissful grandsire,

That to know what life be, is my desire.


Though his response be incredibly blithely,

“To live complete with bliss n pep”, says he being chirpy.


Bewildered I questioned my betrothed uncle,

How I wished for my question, an answer rational.


In his eyes I saw a sudden spell of flurry,

His answer, “Life is to choose a partner beautiful by heart, rather such like a peony”.


Bemused by such diversities, I set to ask my senile gammer’s niece,

Who be a batman, though a belle, like the iris,


But never to forget from her I receive ludicrous exacting demands,

And punishment laps, pushups, situps and lessons of esprit de corps.


Though now in return, I expect an answer so estimable,

Something ethic n truly redoubtable!


Her answer, she spoke with equanimity,

“To unite and fight for thy country and live for honour”, she said with dignity.


In a fix by the differences I made a final attempt to consult my caring mother,

Pleading her for an answer truly formidable, truly better


Her answer so simple yet distant in thought,

“All these people have led worthy lives of their own way of seeing,


They define life with past experiences they observed,

Thus thy life is thy own, with didactics and preachings thee received.


“Aha!” I exclaimed, for the answer was right there all along,

I had failed to see it, and mistook all wrong,


What life be, cannot be seen, by seeking other’s thought,

It’s how thy live, that be truly thee life!


-Arek VJ

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Vijay Bharadwaj