The Truth About Size Zero

Year 1900

Plus size woes my lady?
Crunched up waist,
hold your breath.
Here’s a corset ready.

No more deep breaths,
mind the seams of your dress.
You were made to fit the garb-
doctrine laid in stone sharp.

Year 2000 to 2014

Plus size woes my lady?
You hold no chance baby!
Forget about trolling-party hours.
No more Victoria’s sexy powers.

Size zero rules the world.
Starve yourself or face the insults hurled.
Buy yourself some baggy clothes:
Hide those curves,
Hide that bulge.
Lose your sleep over
petty diets.
Lose your sleep over
ridiculous small-size fight.

Year 2015

Plus size woes my lady?
No worries, no more turning crazy.
Plus size equals size zero.
If you are fat, you are my new hero.
You have yourself a whole new clothing
department, few dedicated designers and clothes freeing you from confinement.

You can be Victoria’s new model.
I wonder now,
What’s it with the title?
You do realize- You will always be a ‘PLUS SIZE’ model.

Abhilasha Dey

Written by Abhilasha Dey

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