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Plant With Care: OCS Transplant Machines

Plant With Care: OCS Transplant Machines 4

With increasing diseases, new and familiar ones, the necessity of transplantable organs has also increased. From young to old, every day, several people all around the globe wait for a new beginning. Organ transplants are serious issues and are only suggested when the organ is incapable of working any longer. Where thousands of people get organ donations, there are also the unfortunate ones who either lose their life or are left waiting for their organs. Organs are not only collected from deceased individuals but also from living things. But several such organs go to waste when they are no longer usable.

Doctors face severe challenges to meet the organ requirements of the patients. Hospitals also battle challenges like transplantation volume, transplant results and cost of transplant along with post-transplant patient care. However, meeting the organ demand has become tough with time. The earlier systems of organ preservation are now limiting the progress in these fields. Transmedics’ invention in this area has proved to be a success. Guaranteeing organ durability and preservation of the most sought after organs, The OCS (Organ Care Systems) Machines have already been accepted in the UK and Australia. They are under clinical trials in U.S.A.

1. OCS Heart: ‘The World’s Only Portable Heart Perfusion System.’

OCSHeart transplantation programs are larger in number all around the world. TransMedics have developed the OCS Heart system to overcome the challenges in heart transplantation programs all over the world. This machine is portable, has warm perfusion and monitoring system which is designed to increase the transplant rates and improve patient outcomes and reduce the all over cost in patient care. This machine preserves the durability of the heart and reaches the patient without making them wait any further.
2. OCS Lung: ”The World’s Only Portable Lung Perfusion System.’

Lung transplantation programs face limitations because of the current cold static lung preservation method and also in organ availability. The OCS Lung has a portable perfusion, ventilation, and monitoring system inbuilt together in the machine that preserves it in a near physiologic state. The system allows the surgeons to perfuse and ventilate the organ and keep it working when they are transported from the donor site to the recipient site giving more time to the doctor before the lung loses its usability.
3. OCS Liver: ‘The Next Generation of Normothermic Liver Perfusion and Preservation.’

The Liver is still under trial in many places and is currently searching for volunteers. The OCS Liver also has a ventilation and perfusion system that keeps the liver in a working mode and fresh while it gets transported from one place to another.

The OCS Systems are new benchmarks in the field of organ transplantation. However, they haven’t reached India yet. But we hope soon it will spread all over the world for better patient care.The OCS Systems are new benchmarks in the field of organ transplantation. However, they haven’t reached India yet. But we hope soon it will spread all over the world for better patient care. Already under consideration in U.S.A, this machine is widely accepted in U.K and Australia and has been in use since 2015.


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