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45 Persuasive Essay Topics That Really Worked

45 Persuasive Essay Topics That Really Worked 4

The quality of an essay depends on the choice of topic that the writer does. Therefore, to write a good quality essay, the writer has the obligation of choosing a topic that they can express critically. There is a wide range of argumentative research paper topics that one can choose from.45 Persuasive Essay Topics That Really Worked 5

How to Make a Hot Topic?

The key factor in choosing a hot topic is coming up with an idea that everyone is talking about, selecting a question about it and then offering an answer which is unknown to many.

Regarding how to write an argumentative essay, ensure that the audience is not in agreement with your argument.

In addition, choose a topic that is based on your interests to make it easy to come up with ideas. Ensure that you focus on debatable topics when writing an argumentative essay.

Do not choose a topic whereby everyone seems to agree with.

Topic’s Plan How to Texturize Composition

An important aspect of how to start an argumentative essay is to do deep research of the topic to come up with various ideas to argue on. A lot of amazing examples of argumentative essays you can meet at

Also, ensure that the resources are reliable and among the most recent.

After gathering the necessary information, write a draft to help you plan the manner in which you will place your ideas in the main essay.

Write a compare and contrast essay to bring out the argument and ensure that it edited.

For effectiveness, read the essay at least twice to eliminate the grammar errors.


How to save time: tips

Hiring the services of a professional writer would help in coming up with a topic hence saving the time that could have been spent in researching. Also

Choose a topic that everyone does not agree on. It will be easy to come up with ideas as compared to obvious topics whereby everyone agrees on. A lot of topics you can find at

Avoid the lengthy discussing of ideas when learning how to write an argumentative essay. Instead, make them short and precise.

Make sure to organize the essay in the right format of an introduction, body, and conclusion to bring out clear ideas.


Advantages of 45 HOT TOPICS

Choosing interesting topics to work on can be overwhelming and, therefore, the 45 topics listed will reduce the burden of searching through a lot of information to come up with a topic.

The topics will also provide quick hot topic essay ideas from which a student can create a topic that they are comfortable working with.

Above all, students will save time and spent it on doing other assignments because researching can be time consuming and hectic.

The topics vary across interesting research topics from which the student can choose from.



  1. Why is pop music so popular in the current generation?
  2. Why are Oscars so important to actors?
  3. What role does art education play in modeling the abilities of teenagers?
  4. Are reality TV shows educative
  5. Are paper books important to students as compared to e-books?
  6. Do you know the secret behind Rihanna’s success in the music industry?
  7. Does speed reading improve the reading skills of a person?
  8. Does advertising result in the most sales in organizations?
  9. Will libraries be needed in the future considering the advancement of technology?


Hot Topics for Gender

  1. Should women be involved in military campaigns?
  2. Why are more girls choosing technical careers?
  3. Should men show their emotions as women do?
  4. Are boys supposed to cry?
  5. What’s the impact of the beauty industry on a woman’s appearance?
  6. Should women hold leadership positions?
  7. Which parent is supposed to know much about the children’s inner life?
  8. Should certain rules be applied to transgender athletes?
  9. Should gay couples be served differently due to their religious beliefs?



  1. Who are the best role models for teenagers?
  2. Do video games depicting violence result in aggressive teenagers?
  3. Should children below the age of ten watch horror movies?
  4. Does homework improve learning skills for primary school children?
  5. Should parents limit the extent to which kids access the social media?
  6. Is the university obliged to pay student-athletes?
  7. Is the internet ruining children?
  8. Should college education be free to everyone?
  9. Why are that most of the teenagers are interested in becoming bloggers?



  1. Do healthy eating habits make people look young?
  2. Can a vegetarian parent give their child meat?
  3. Is it okay to legalize assisted suicide?
  4. How does marijuana help in the reduction of pain in arthritis patients?
  5. Should health care be free for everyone?
  6. Should the drinking age be lowered?
  7. Can unvaccinated children pose a danger to other children in school?
  8. What are the cons and pros of 3D printed images?
  9. Do GMO food pose a danger in the human body?



  1. Should adults drink during the weekdays?
  2. The beautiful forests of Arizona
  3. Is it better to go on holidays with friends or alone?
  4. Why do students need holidays?
  5. The advantages of holiday packages
  6. Should children below the age of 10 years be taken to a park or a beach?
  7. Will technology make it more fun to go on teambuilding holidays?
  8. People have developed a habit of keeping themselves busy with phones during their free time. Will holidays better in the next ten years?
  9. Best relaxation joints in the city.


Concisely, it is important for students to make good use of the internet to perfect their writing and critical analysis skills. This would make it easy for them to work on any topic. There are plenty of professionals across the internet who can help in perfecting such skills.

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