Gokarna – A Perfect Getaway

Gokarna - A Perfect Getaway 4


Gokarna“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkein.



With the monotonous life that we all lead, it is a necessity for all of us to take a break and go out on a nice vacation. It’s only very few places’ vibes that quench your thirst for traveling. Gokarna is the perfect getaway for every soul consumed by wanderlust. The very minute you reach Gokarna, you can hear the waves splashing over the rocks and the trees swaying to the melody of the breeze. With such serene happening around, one is definitely bound to lose track of time.


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 How to spend your time in Gokarna efficiently

Gokarna is like a preset to Goa, except this place is much cheaper. With 3.5 grand in your hand, you can survive the place for 2 days and a night peacefully. While traveling with a huge squad, generally we prefer going for a cabbie or we prefer taking our own cars and driving all the way. As safe as that option might seem to look, it is always better to take the bus rather than taking your car all the way. First off you need to be an excellent driver to  get through the Ghat section and secondly you are not going to find a place to park near your resort or hotel. It’s always better and safer to travel by bus. Buses have their own cons, especially for a person suffering from motion sickness; buses are always the safest bet.

Right from the Ghat section, the place will never fail in amusing you. The greener the place is, the cleaner it is. The air is so clean and refreshing; places like these are for sure to give all the anti-ageing creams company a run for their money. On reaching the bus stop, you catch an auto and make sure you take that auto driver’s number. So when you are leaving you can call him to offer you a ride back to the bus stop. Being a tourist spot and all that jazz, they try to fleece how much ever they can. Stick to 100 bucks. Do not be an owl and pay the auto guy more than 100.  Well if he charges you less than 100, you are one lucky duck. Everything about the place is so different.  The walls are covered with psychedelic illustrations by tourists. The roads in here are narrow. They are narrower than a socially laid back person’s way of thinking; and that’s saying something. No kidding, the road isn’t wide enough for A SINGLE AUTO to get through at ease. It is just that one section, that looks like a congested passage. On either side you have walls all dolled up with psychedelic illustrations and graffiti.Gokarna - A Perfect Getaway 6

While taking a room, make sure you take a room that costs less than 1K and has an attached bathroom with it. You can always go for the city’s room, but beach rooms are always preferred. You have come out on a vacation to get away from the pollution. Though the rooms in the city work out cheaper, but the rooms next to beach is always the best option. What could be more soothing than the sound of rolling waves in labyrinths of coral caves?

Although Om beach is clean and has a lot more options, Kudle beach would be the best option. It is way closer to the city and you have breath taking views from this beach. Kudle is just a 15 minute walk away from Om. It’s not actually a walk or a trek, it is somewhere in between. The best thing about this place is nobody gives two quacks about what you are up to. You have hippies roaming around, lost in their own world. Also, an additional advantage of this place is Kudle is the only place that is chilled enough to let anyone dance with Mary Jane.

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om beach

Although majority of the Indian population come to this place to visit the temple that is located in Gokarna city, there are other major hot spots of the place. The hill right behind Kudle, the view from there is something everyone must see at least once in their life. And the best time to go is now. The hills are greener than ever and the seas are calm and at peace. It is amazing how the waves can wash away your worries at ease.

Gokarna city is generally preferred for staying, as the rooms available are cheaper. The only drawback is you will have to take an auto to go almost everywhere from the city region. Paradise beach and half moon beach, both of them define peace. It is just a bunch of people meditating and minding their own business. That’s the beauty about this place. You have no beady eyes judging you. There are no pelicans to judge every single move you make. That’s a huge baggage taken off from one’s shoulder.

When it comes to food, trust me it wouldn’t cost you more than 500 for all 3 meals put together and excluding the alcohol’s rate. In my opinion a perfect getaway will have to be Gokarna. Starry nights on a beach with people who mean a lot to you, what more do you need when you are on a break?

P.S- If you don’t want to end up looking like a premature baby chimp, please carry a sunscreen lotion of SPF 60.



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