Overcoming the Differences in Generation Gap

Overcoming the differences

Generation gap – Something that has most often affected us in different aspects of life; maybe in a good or bad way, right?

The present day movies, their songs, anything that makes us jump on the floors by the music’s drum beats and dance steps; they definitely don’t like it. They comment: ‘Ajkal ke gaano mei sirf Ishq, pyaar, marna aur chuhe kaate jaise kapde pehenke naachte hai. Isko tum log gaana kehte ho? Asal gaana tho purane zamane mei hua karta tha‘. Haha!!

May it be the style and kinds of dresses we want to buy, may it be the food and chaats we want to eat in chaat-centers, may it be the hairstyle and haircut we want to do, or the course you want to choose after your 12th grade. Everything leads to a small nokh-jhokh between us and the parents. They are much influenced by the neighbors kids who have got great marks and great job with super salaries or the relatives speech for hours together, especially in the matter of studies. But later either we or they compromise to each other’s interest. This also is an effect of the location we are born and brought up in. The surroundings that we live in for years especially from when we are tiny tots, is how we grow up to be. With that culture, with those people of that place around, it becomes difficult for us even to think about going and settling somewhere else. But, since parents are natives of some other place, they prefer us also to be like them and that is when small differences occur.

So guys, Generation gap is nothing but the differences between much elders of a family and the younger generations that causes conflict and leads to a complicated communication between them. There are ‘n’ number of definitions that perceives or explains this concept in a way they feel about it. This gap is the result of the development that is taking place in one’s society and surrounding at a faster pace. Young minds will accept and go with it as if they don’t then its very difficult for them to survive whereas our parents and grandparents, try to avoid the changes to their level best and that is where the conflict begins. That is why we know much about the social networking and gadgets more than them as according to them, a mobile is just meant for phone calls and nothing more!!

There has been differences in the matters like our entertainment ways, political views, religious beliefs, work ethics, choosing a life partner and many more.

These differences can be overcome by simple ways. But it’s the parents who must try to change a bit at least rather than holding onto their old ethics in many cases because if your children should have a stand in this fast growing world were life is a race for the ‘survival of the fittest’ than they cannot afford to lag behind. Understanding their needs and changing a little if it’s a valid change. Similarly is the case of kids; they shouldn’t force or make it a  compulsion that all your desires and wishes must be fulfilled as you too have to be concerned about their living and struggle to keep you happy. So compromising from both the parties is a must for having a peaceful life!!! 

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