Out-Of-The-Box Stories That Can Keep You Inspired!

If you are here, you might as well keep your mind open! If you do just that, I assure you it won’t be rotten tomatoes after you have read all of the stories..and you will find what you were looking for..

  • Believing in it, is not that difficult.

So there was a woodcutter, who slogged hard every day in deep forests, come rain, come snow. One day he was exhausted, and he sat down under the shades of an enormous old tree. While having his lunch there, he wondered if he could have someone bring him some water. To his surprise, a few minutes later there came his wife who had brought him water. Now, that he was done with his day’s work and food, he decided to take a short nap at the same place. As soon as he closed his eyes, the first thought that came into his mind was, what if a tiger came here! There was cold fear..And the next thing, we know is it came true. Later on it was found out, that this woodcutter was sitting under a ‘wish tree’, so whatever one thought under it, just came true.

Our heart, our willpower is a wishing tree. Whatever way they put it..in books like ‘The Secret’. The simplest thing is the day we start to believing in it and work towards it, it will all come to us.


It’s not the existence that brings belief, but it’s the belief that brings about the existence.



  •  It may all just not be there tomorrow..

This is the story of a little girl, who was carefree and happy! So one morning she woke up, and looked in the mirror, and saw she had just three hair, so she said to herself – ‘yay! I will braid my hair today’. The next morning, she found she had only two left! So she decided to part her hair from the middle. The next morning, there was just one hair left, she thought -”I will make ponytail today!” The very next day, there was no hair, so she was glad again that she would not have to worry about combing her hair!

Kiddish..? But sometimes, just out of the ordinary, may bring in all the inspiration and drive that you need. This story keeps me happy for today and I value whatever I have.

  • There is always a way out

Here is another one..(Don’t you be bored ! *wink*)

In one small village,( i know you have heard the village thing a lot, but bear with me) there was a donkey. The donkey was owned by none other than the dhobi. It used to carry all the load of dry or washed clothes to and from the washing ghat on his back, worked hard. But now that he had grown old, it wasn’t the same, he was rendered useless by age and diminishing capabilities.Now the villagers decided that they dump this donkey in the unused well, to get rid of him. So they did just that, they kept filling the well with sand to cover it up. The donkey felt he was going to die now, but you won’t believe what happened next. With every shovel of mud, the donkey stepped on it and got higher and higher to the surface of the well and finally came out alive.

He found his way out. And in whatever ‘dirt’ or difficulty life brings, I am sure you will find your way too..

  • You can always give back

This one is extraordinary, but real..

I don’t know how many of us know about him, Mr. Santosh Gaikwad. Rings a bell? He is a celebrity, one of a kind, at least for me! One of my days at Vashi Navi Mumbai, I met this autowalla who had helped make a difference for the specially abled. We saw this auto, all decorated with flowers, you name a newspaper, and you will find today’s edition of it in the auto! He holds a Limca Book record for free service to differently abled people to commute.

Whoever you are, whatever you can offer, always give back to society. A simple lesson all of us know, but few of us implement.

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