Nitya – The Lost Power

She was the type of girl any guy would fall for. She was beauty, she was grace, and she was the perfect example of beauty with brains, she was Nitya. In spite of being born to a middle class family, she was raised as a princess along with her other sister and a brother. Due to long time illness, her mother died. Where on one hand they were relieved as their mother has not to suffer anymore, on the other hand they all were sad because they lost their ‘MAA’, one person they cannot think to their life without. As the time passed by they learnt to live without her mother, and with time new problems were approaching them. Her father was in a very reputed post in the Indian Army, he was the perfect father and perfect husband until one day their family learnt about his affair with a woman. All their hopes and their dreams were shattered at once. The happy times were converted into endless fighting and arguments which kept on increasing in number. Her father was not ready to leave the other woman at any cost. He started giving his monthly salary to the woman and started living with her. He started to forget about his own family, his own prince and princess.

Time was travelling with its speed and Nitya was growing day by day. She was a sincere student and a good scorer. She completed her education and gained a graduate degree. From starting only she was leaned towards fashion industry so she enrolled herself in one of the finest fashion schools of India, NIFT Mohali. She came there with a motive to do something to prove herself and she did proved herself. She was the best student here too and with campus placements she managed to get herself a pretty good package in a reputed company. She was 27 by now and her family and relatives were forcing her to get married. Lots of eligible bachelors wanted to marry her but she wanted something else. She wanted someone who would love her every second of his life, who would be ready to fight for her, who would do anything to make her happy. And with all these things in mind she decided to marry Lovish, a guy with all the qualities she wanted but little did she know how many more qualities he has. Their married life started in a very pleasant, sweet way every day she was meeting a new Lovish. Due to his office work he was mostly on trips. It was Valentine’s day, the V-Day. Nitya left office early because she knew Lovish will be home by 8 and she wanted to make the evening special for him. Nitya picked a nice bouquet along with cake and wine. She wanted everything to be just perfect. She decorated the whole house with white and red roses and lighted scented candles everywhere. She made a card, thanking him for being in her life and making it beautiful. She made all his favorite dishes and dressed in the most alluring way. She also booked two tickets of the late night show of ‘THE VOW’. Everything was prepared; she was just waiting for him. The door bell rang, she ran towards the door. It was Lovish.

Nitya: (hugging Lovish) happy Valentine’s Day baby.

Lovish pushed her away.

Lovish: what is all this rubbish?

Nitya: (all confused) what happened Lovish? I was just wishing you; it’s our first valentine’s.

Lovish: I don’t believe in such days. We are not high school lovers who are excited by such days. And I really don’t understand what’s meaning of such days?

Nitya: (sobbing) it’s not childish Lovish. It’s just a way to celebrate the love we share.


Lovish stormed out of the living room leaving Nitya crying.

Nitya broke into tears. She threw all the things she did for Lovish. She sat by the door and cried through night thinking why Lovish reacted in such way.

As the days progressed, everything was back to normal. It was their first wedding anniversary and she again planned everything from restaurant booking to champagne selection everything was his choice. Same thing happened this time also.

Lovish: I warned you before also, this is my home not yours. Then how dare you to repeat the same mistake?

Nitya: this is my home too Lovish, I’m married to you. I’m your wife, you’re soul mate.

Lovish: I don’t care who you are and what you are, all I know is this is my home and my rules are followed here and not yours.

Nitya: Is there someone else Lovish? Tell me and I’ll quietly move out of your life without any drama.

Lovish: Oh shut up you b**ch! I’m not that mad. I’m already suffering by marrying you and I don’t want any other nuisance in my life.

Nitya: what did you call me? How can you even dare to use such words for me? I am your wife you believe it or not. And don’t ever try to use such words for me again ever.

Lovish: get the hell out of my house right now.

Nitya stepped out of the house. She did not go to her house until Lovish came to apologize to her. He came after 3 months. Things were not normal this time. There were small fights every night. They would start with a discussion, then argument and then always ended up in huge fights. By now Nitya was losing herself. She lost her job and when she applied for other jobs she was always rejected because she was married now. The companies who were ready to pay twice her salary with a flat were now rejecting her due to her marriage.

She was now very calm. It’s been three years since they got married and they still don’t have a child. Their family started complaining and saying numerous things to her. So they finally planned a baby. She gained some confidence and some dignity which she thought she was losing.

She gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Her eyes were filled with tears when she first held little ‘Krati’ in her hand. She was mesmerized by her; she was constantly looking at her. She for once forget all the things that happened with Lovish and she was hoping now with Krati everything will be fine. Lovish was out of town so when he came to know it’s a daughter he said: “padi rehen do vahi. Koi lane ki zarurat nahi hai un dono ko yaha. Mere liye vo zinda ya murda ek hi hai. Bol do use.”Nitya was in the hospital for a week and none of her in-laws visited her. Seeing such things Nitya’s brother (Devesh) filled up with anger and he went to Lovish’s house to meet him.

Devesh: Why didn’t any of you come to meet your granddaughter at the hospital or your daughter in law?

Mother-in-law: “ladki janmi usne. Kisi kaam ki na vo toh.”

Devesh: So? Were you all not daughters of your parents? Did they think the same when you were born? In this way you shouldn’t have been born or should be murdered after birth right? People have reached stars and moons and you people are still here with your orthodox views. And why are you blaming my sister for giving birth to a daughter? It’s your son who should be blamed because the sex of a child is decided by the sperm from the father not from the mother. So if you want to blame someone, blame you own son not my sister. And take this as a warning if you ever try to torture or trouble my sister I’ll send all of you in jail. So be aware. And go and take her home she needs proper rest now.

Lovish met Krati but he never held her in his arms. He didn’t see her as his own daughter. Slowly -slowly they started bonding and Lovish loved spending time with her. Whenever go out in the park people will ‘your daughter looks just like you; you should be really proud.’ And yes he was proud; by the smile on his face anyone can tell he was happy and proud father. He used to buy costly toys, dresses, accessories, shoes for her because she wanted to make her look like a princess. PAPA’S PRINCESS.

But Nitya’s problems were a never ending tale. The fights and arguments were part of their daily routine now and baby Krati was the one who was suffering. There was a time when Nitya was no longer herself, she completely lost her.

Lovish: Why do you need so much money? Why do you need balance in your phone? You don’t have any relatives, then why do you even need a phone?

Nitya: why do I need money? I need money to raise your child, our child. And what are you giving me; just 5000 bucks? What 5000 bucks are in today’s world? If someone would give you 5k to manage a house for a month will you be able to do it? No; because it’s not possible to maintain a home and all the things for a baby in such small amount. You earn nearly a lakh but I did not asked once where do you spend all the money. You did not even buy me clothes or any other things. I’m wearing these rags and it won’t affect you; what kind of a person you are? Lovish this is the last time when we are having this unnecessary fight. If you ever try to do this again I’ll register a complaint against you.

From that day Nitya completely realized marrying Lovish was the one decision she’ll regret throughout her life. She was mentally and emotionally tortured by him and she couldn’t do anything about it. She was in depression after all this. She was weak, pale, and lifeless. She was alive just because of her daughter.

There are many Nityas and Lovish out there. Many women are tortured emotionally, physically and mentally by their husbands and they don’t take actions against them because they think what the ‘people’ will say. But they don’t think these people will only speak until they have you as a topic, the day they find another topic they’ll forget about you. Lovish didn’t hurt Nitya physically but he hurted her  in the most painful way by giving her emotional and mental pain. When a woman marries a man, she leaves her home completely for a unknown person and in return she only wants his and his family’s love. Women need to raise their voices against such things. And they should know what they are capable of. There’s a ‘Kaali(the goddess) in each of us. Don’t let yourself down and stand for the unfair. 🙂

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