Nahan : Isolated From The Hierarchy Of Hill Stations.

“Nature’s heart beats strong amid the hills.”
― Richard Monckton Milnes

While talking about Hill stations in India, the only places which strikes our mind primarily are Nainital, Mussoorie, Shimla, Srinagar or Manali. There are few others which, though not so popular have succeeded over the time to keep up to the hierarchy. Places such as Darjeeling, Ooty, Kufri, Munnar comes under this category. Then comes into picture another category of hill stations who, by the course of time, have isolated themselves from this namesake hierarchies built by the tourists. 

Under such category comes a hill station “Nahan” located in tIMG_2281he state of Himachal Pradesh in Sirmaur district. It was also a capital of Sirmur Princely states. The total population as mentioned in the earliest census comes up to be around 25, 972. It is situated on the top of the hill of Shivalik hills surrounded very beautifully with green hills.

When one begins its journey towards Nahan from Delhi, it takes almost 6 hours to reach there by car if one drives at a nominal speed. The map portrays a road, not so straight as expected to be in Hill stations, surrounded by mountains. The roads are wavy. The area of Kala amb and Dadahu is also covered under the area of Nahan. Nahan.10

Coming to the more interesting part, Nahan owns in itself an immortal beauty of hills and mountains naturally made of different colors such as Orange, Brown and even black at some places. The hills look immensely aesthetic when viewed from the moving car as they change color in every 5-10 kilometers of distance. The journey is really appealing to the eye where temples and fountains add their lot to the already beautiful surroundings during the way.

When reached tIMG_2311o the destination, one can visit for the spiritual aroma, The Temple of Renuka which is made in very beautiful and attractive colors. Renuka is believed to be a Hindu goddess worshiped predominantly in the state of Maharashtra. One of its temple is located in Nahan as well. The crowd will not be as much as found in Maharashtra which is good for the people who like to visit places more isolated.

The most beautiful aspect of this place one can comprehend is peace embedded in the greenery surrounding the whole area. Along with the beautiful yellows and reds used to paint the temple, the greenery adds an effect so profound that one delves deep into it and view it with adoration.

For those people who visit there for only a day or two, there are few places very nearby to the good hotels where they can find Peace and liveliness and can get the freshness of the nature and beauty of the waters. Connected to the Renuka Temple is the largest lake of Himachal Pradesh, ‘The Renuka Lake’,popularly known as Shri Renuka ji, available for boating and sight-seeing.

There are some beautiful and big fishes at the verge of the lake and thereIMG_2400 are vendors standing nearby selling the fish food which can be purchased to enjoy the lovely fishes’ eating gestures while feeding them with that food. The area surrounding this lake is full of palm and khujur trees and long grass.

And if someone has never seen a turtle in his life, Renuka lake will come as a treat to him as there is a very old turtle living under the waters of this lake who comes out when someone offers food to him.

For people out there who enjoy wildlife and can find peace in watching and observing the animals, there is a zoo attached to this lake at a 5 minutes walking distance crossing over few shops. It is a sanctuary with the total area of about 4.028 km and the entire sanctuary consists of Renuka reserve Forest.

The zoo is constructed in a very innovative structure whereby one can enjoy the entire zoo from the moving car, at a slow speed. In between, in order to see some bird or animal closely, the car can be stopped and one can move closer to the fence to view it.

The place is not so famous and thus there is less traffic and crowd, especially in the months of July and August. This is the best time to visit Nahan. One can also visit here in the month of November as the weather is pretty pleasant during that time. For people who want to get away from the day to day hassles and get an environment full of greenery, liveliness and isolation, Nahan is a place for them. There is not much to see here but the few places which are there, would be enough to give a peaceful atmosphere.

It is a must visit once for sure!

Priyanka Kaushik

Written by Priyanka Kaushik

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