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5 Myths About Introverts

5 Myths About Introverts 4

We all have at least one friend who would be away from the crowd. Sitting somewhere in the corner and paying attention to some rare phenomenon like the traffic on the road or just observing everyone around. These people are called introverts. Introverts are often defined as a person predominantly concerned with their thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. This is very true. People use the word introvert to describe their friends but often, the meaning is not accurate, and many people get confused with being shy and being an introvert. Therefore, here is an article to enlighten you about introverts and debunk all the myths you have:-

  1. Shy people: – They are everything but shy. The meaning of the word is a person concerned with their thoughts and less interested in people. Introverts are not shy but rather very selective and choosy when it comes to people. One would think that how that is different.Let us take an example. A is an introvert while B is shy. Both of them like a girl. A would go and say his heart out while B would be hesitant and reserved to share his feelings with the girl. Here, B might be a person who is an extrovert and shares everything with people, but he is shy whereas A is introvert and does not share things with people but is bold enough to say what he feels. introverts
  2. Party haters: – One might have often come across the statement that introverts hate to party. No, Introverts do not hate to party, but they hate crowd. If they were given the option to party with their few selected friends, no one would be as wild and carefree as they are! They do not like crowds and prefer solitude, but they never say no to a party! They might even go to a party and dance in a corner with their friends, but they would hate dancing with a huge group.
  3. Do not talk: – The most rubbish myth about introverts is the fact that they do not communicate with other people. They surely hate small and fake conversations but they never shy away from having a real conversation with anyone they like. efdd5f73e4abd5d976ba1ca4f8e8ce9f They can go on talking, and one would be often caught in bewilderment when one knows how informative and knowledgeable they are!
  4. Trust issues: – People often think that the introverts do not trust others. Introverts have no trust issues. All they need is some time before they can trust anyone. They are very choosy and selective when they want to trust someone. They trust people, but they would never pour their feelings when they want to share something.
  5. Bookworms: – It is a very annoying myth that introverts are bookworms and they would love reading books more than anything else would. This is a very common stereotype and more than often, it would prove wrong. There might be a majority of people liking to read but there are also introverts who would hate reading!introverts-what-we-are-really-like1

Therefore, go ahead, converse with an introvert you know and you would be more than surprised as to how observant and entertaining they are! The above are some myths, which might hold true for a group of introverts but generalizing, would mean stereotyping and killing their uniqueness!

Harsh Thakkar

Written by Harsh Thakkar

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