My Top 7 Pet Peeves

My Top 7 Pet Peeves 4

134912[1] Let’s be honest. No matter how accommodating you are, there is always certain specific things that annoy the hell out of you and you never want to be around the person who does them, ever again! I am not a person who sits and endures these ‘annoying things’. I mean why should I endure someone talking over me constantly or someone who is rude to everyone for no reason at all. I straight up say how annoying their habits are, in their faces. This is probably not a good idea, but I guess, a girls’ got to do what a girl’s got to do! I am sure there are some things we all hate in common. So here’s a list of my top 7 pet peeves!

  • Not being punctual.

late[1] Hey! Don’t give me that ‘Oh-like-you’re-never-late’ look. I am almost never late! I am the kind of person who reaches the spot 5 minutes before because I am too impatient. And then I have to wait, and wait , and wait. 20 minutes after, I am still waiting! Oh, I am sorry but don’t you have a watch? Or does your cell phone lacks a clock? Be on time!

  • Ruining my movie experience.

movieninjas91201121[1] Have you ever sat beside someone in a movie theatre, who knows nothing about the movie? And by nothing I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?! That person keeps on talking and asking question to his/her friend, apparently trying to understand the plot of the movie. Umm, to understand you need to watch the movie with your mouth shut! This one time, I went for ‘Avengers: The Age Of Ultron’ and there was a couple sitting besides me. It was evident that the boyfriend had dragged her to watch this film that she had no interest in and she kept on ridiculously asking questions. At one point she asked ‘Who’s this Veronica chick?’ *faceplam*

  • Not knowing when to shut up.

my-headphones-are-in-stop-talking-to-me-1[1] Talking is good. I love to talk! But there are some times when you just need to shut up. Like, when someone is trying to work, or sleep or even going through an existential crisis and evaluating the purpose of their life. The worst of all is when someone keeps talking to you even after you put on your headphones. Putting on your headphones is the ultimate ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. So, when someone puts on their headphones you are supposed to stop talking. How hard is it to understand?

  • Using wrong grammar.

7e66a79dd4356ae7efbae2f5da6ed4fc[1]   Yes, I am one of those grammar polices people hate. I know, people who correct other people’s grammar are probably somebody else’s pet peeve, but I can’t help it! Sue me for correcting you, but do you realize how bad ‘What IS you doing?’ sounds? Or how irritating is it to read ‘I am glad YOUR mine’? In that moment I start questioning why I know you? Good grammar is so attractive! Learn it, it’s easy!

  • Back-bitching

6f092141405e97e716bce610e906a2c806a0bf9cf38db705a20fe94c671da86c[1] If you hate that person so much, then get the guts to say it to his/her face. Back-bitching is going to get you nowhere. By doing so, you are not destroying that person’s image, but your own. I don’t understand what you get out of it? Nobody is going to turn against that person just based on what you said. It’s not only a bad manner to talk behind people’s back, but it also shows how childish and immature you are. Get a life!

  • Chewing with your mouth open.

3eff9ef019f6cc6e308bf752c5cdbec074da27957d6aad6f73adba387a6399b3[1] I am sure everyone has this on their pet peeve list. I mean I understand that you chew your food thoroughly before swallowing, but I don’t need to see it! Keep you mouth shut while eating!

  • Not understanding that opinions differ.

keep-calm-it-s-just-my-opinion-1[1] I don’t agree with you. I don’t have to. That’s the things about opinions, they differ. But I at least respect your opinion and do not go on and on about how I am right and you are wrong. Learn to accept the fact that others may have a different opinion and that it doesn’t make them wrong just because they don’t agree with you or the majority. Hope you can relate! Srijonee Basu. Indraprastha College for Women. English Hons.

Srijonee Basu

Written by Srijonee Basu

I am Srijonee Basu. I hail from Kolkata, West Bengal. I did my schooling from Mahadevi Birla World Academy (formerly known as Mahadevi Birla Girls' Higher Secondary School). Presently, I am pursuing B.A. English (Hons.), from Indraprastha College for Women, University of Delhi. I love music and movies. I am a fairly good singer. I also like to read books and I sometimes write short stories, skits and articles.

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