8 Movies That Truely Show the Spirit of Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of hope and dreams, where crores are fighting for their mission. The most populous city of our country and also the financial capital.

When you are giving your 100% for your dream, then at the same place you have thousand more people, giving their 110%, to achieve their target. From your FLAT to ‘SUFFERING’ in LOCAL TRAINS, and then to your COMPETITIVE workplace and back to your HARD EARNED HOME, is the life of a normal man in Mumbai. In other words, it can be said “struggle, struggle, struggle”

So, here are 8 Bollywood movies, that show Mumbai in its true form:-


It is that movie which not only made a good business on the box office but also got appreciation for showing the ‘true picture’. A model from a small town who came to Mumbai, to achieve what she had dreamt of. And this realistic film, shows how she managed to survive in Mumbai and became the top model.

  • ROCK ON!!

Mumbai Is the second place after Bangalore where the scene for Indie bands and other artists of rock/metal genre is best. There aren’t a few bands wanting to make big, but there are thousands. Rock on is one such movie which shows the life of musicians in a band struggling against the industry people of Mumbai.


Gangs! Yeah! Are an underground part of Mumbai. Every other gunda is the datta pawle kind or Andheri ka dada. Wanted was one of the best films showing the heat among gangs and criminals.


This is one of my favorite film, which showcases the Bollywood side of Mumbai. It shows how a village girl comes to Mumbai and gets fooled by several people and ultimately forming a name in the industry. I remember the auto walla charging her 999rs, as fare.

  • The ATTACK OF 26/11

The 26/11 Mumbai attack, a historical terrorist attack for our country. This hard to watch a movie is based on this attack, that moved ground for us.

I would say the life of Mumbai is not easy, but those  who have hope and the truest passion for their dream definitely achieve it. It is all a game of patience, that I say.


This Anurag Kashyap’s movie is based upon the Bombay blasts that occurred in 1993. the plot for  this movie attracted a lot of people. and also this movie has received prestigious awards, one of them was “grand jury prize”.


This incredible film is a story on five people who are affected by the 2006 Mumbai train bombings. this movie also contains big names like Soha Ali khan, r Madhavan, Imran khan and is a direction of nishi Kant Kamath.


This film is a checkpoint in the history of Indian movies. it consists of four short stories in the city of Mumbai!! “ajeeb dastaan he yeh”, “murabba”, “star”, “Sheela ki Jawa ani”, are the four plots that in this movie, that show the spirit of Mumbai.



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