Movie Review : The Transporter Refueled

At least, this reboot of the Transporter franchise should do wonders for sales of Audi, not to mention car safety. Each passenger who sets foot in the output deceived, gleaming German car driven by the main character is ordered immediately to hold the seat belt. Its a good advice because The Transported Refueled is a film full of potholes trip.

Arriving seven years after the last of the original trilogy, starring Jason Statham, this latest version, inexplicably set in 2010, it has a younger, lighter Frank Martin played by Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones). It is a real decline, not only in physical terms. Frank Martin moves well and has the requisite good looks on ready models, well-maintained stubble and gruff, booming voice that make the personified machismo. But compared to its predecessor, it is seriously lacking in charisma, monotonous and performance without rest stops accelerating the engine of the film.

Camille Delamarre, the director of the film, still inexperienced and unprofessional, which makes it slightly less than the overweening ambition to restart a franchise blockbuster action that was directed by a popular superstar. Ed Skrein takes as its Transporter (the original Daario Naharis) and finds his first mistake. Ed is still learning how to act or emote and most importantly, you must learn to be agiler in their stunts. In this film, acrobatics just look pretentious amateurishly. Collect four pretty women who are on a spree of theft, ex-escort girls now out for revenge against her former teacher. None of them can act. Frank Martin is trapped in doing their bidding as Senior Frank (Ray Stevenson) is held hostage.
Ray is the only man in the film who even tries to act out the emotions in it. You’ll like rays presence. But as the ladies and risks Frank dodges and alternately work against, each other while being pursued by the capo, in some sequences of high shares of adrenaline in elegant Audis, you’ll realize that someone is calling your Attention – boredom. The plot is very thin and has many holes that can be used as a filter paper. The action sequences are slow, especially when compared with other contemporary action films like Fast and Furious or IM. You really can not relate to girls or their desire for revenge and the end rather silly and convenient that makes you shiver even more.

Speaking of the plot, what little there is has something to do with Frank being hired by beautiful femme fatale Anna (Loan Chabanol) and his trio of accomplices equally beautiful blonde wig. When they reveal that they are holding her captive father and given poison that will kill him within 12 hours, Frank is forced to help get revenge on the Russian smuggler who forced them into prostitution 15 years earlier.
The overall movie is not all bad. The fight scenes have the same ferocity as the previous installments, but the set pieces left feeling unsatisfied. There is also some cheesy performance (especially the sisters) and the dialogue is mostly bland (aside exchanges between Frank and his father). Only the most die-hard fans Transporter is necessary to watch this, and other viewers should wait and watch on the TV instead.

Verdict: ★★

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