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Movie Review : Rick And The Flash

Movie Review : Rick And The Flash 4

Ricky Randazzo Brummel Aka Linda (Meryl Streep) is a sixty-something lead singer of a band named The Flash. In contrast, she is unsuccessful and always broke, Ricky’s band played at a local bar in California. Her life is a mess of the staff because it does not come to terms with the decision to go out with her co-team member Greg (Rick Springfield).
Amid all this, Linda gets a call from her ex-husband Pete (Kevin Kline), who informs her that his daughter Julie (Mamie Gummer) is back home after separating from her husband because I cheated. Julie in a fragile state of mind and is going through  depression for which she is subjected to depression therapy sessions. Hearing this, Linda decided to visit his daughter in Indianapolis with no money for a taxi and the hotel, thus she decides to live at Petes house.
Linda is afraid to face her daughter, whom she left with her sons to pursue her dreams. Naturally, having a lot of trouble by her mother, Julie who is hostile initially but eventually comes towards Linda. At one point, Linda, Pete,  Julie tries to hide their marijuana stash which ultimately is unsuccessful, and it really breaks the ice between the three. On the other hand, children Linda, Josh and Adam was not very happy to see her. Josh diplomatic and while I was pretending to be good on the surface, waiting secretly invited to the wedding. Adam says that I’m gay, Linda  has a stunning reaction like a mockingbird, which further increases their problems.
Soon Petes current wife, Maureen (Audra McDonald) comes home and has a heated exchange with Linda and asks her to leave. Furious Linda returns home and her recent mood affects the performance of the group in the bar too. Unhappy and sad to see Linda, Greg admits his love for Linda and her urges to consider. She agrees, and the couple began dating.

A few months later, Linda is invited to Josh,s marriage where Maureen sends a letter of apology. Soon Linda realises that she cannot afford the trip, Linda decides to skip the wedding, but Greg insists and sells his guitar and pays for the trip. Linda is happy to be part of her son,s big moment and gifts him with a beautiful performance. Linda manages to win their hearts and her kids forgive her at the end.
This is not a film about the rock ‘n’ roll star. This is a about a woman who happens to be a musician. But music remains an important part of the film. We all know that this awesome actress can sing; it has been proven time and time again. But this was not enough; It was supposed to be a rock ‘n’ roll. So I learned to play guitar from none other than Neil Young and his co-star Rick Springfield (who does not remember their hit song, the girl Jesse), then add a bit of arrogance and thus Streep was born in a rocking chair. In a film full of good music. my favorite music moment from the film was the winner of an Oscar three times belting out a rock version of Lady Gaga.

Verdict: ★★★

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Rahul Malpe

Written by Rahul Malpe

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