10 Most Awaited Hollywood Movies of 2016

Hollywood is the bank of producing some mind-blowing films and giving an entertainment ride to people every now and then. It serves every genre to entice the senses of the viewers like comedy, fantasy, horror, action, adventure, drama, thriller, etc. It has over hundreds of films each year. Some may fail drastically while some will touch the hearts and be a blockbuster. Whatever the fate of the film maybe, they never fail to entertain. Let us look at the 10 most awaited Hollywood movies of 2016:-

1. Captain America: Civil War: – the trailers are already making headlines and creating a heart crunching curiosity and excitement among the marvel fans. This superhero flick is surely the most awaited movie of 2016.
2. Batman vs. Superman: dawn of justice: – this dc comic movie is combining the two power packed and very mighty superheroes and that too, against one another! Let us see how good their rivalry is!

3. Kung Fu panda 3: – our cute little panda is now back with its third part and, this time, it is all about reuniting with its roots. Let us see how well does the panda fight in this part!

4. Now you see me 2: – magic and illusion means now you see me. The first part was one of a marvel. The whole movie was a visual delight with a brain wrenching twist in the end and now it is back with a bang.

5. X-men: apocalypse: – this movie is another addition to the x-men franchise and it seems quite intriguing. The world is about to end and there are powerful villains out there to kill the earth. Can they save the earth?

6. Suicide squad: – a movie for the villains. Enough said.

7. Deadpool : – the superhero with a no filter and talkative attitude. The quirkiness and his badassness make him a bang for the buck.

8. Popeye: – another cartoon coming alive for us this year is the spinach eating Popeye. Let us see how far he goes to save his olive.

9. Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2:- the first part of the franchise was a fun filled and a hilarious one. The next one has more action, more humor and some more excitement in it.

10. Transformers: the rise of the unicorn: – this movie continuing the ongoing franchise of transformers must have something unique to offer. As the name suggests, there must be some fictional element like unicorn coming to life! Let’s wait and watch.

2016 is a very exciting and enticing year as far as movies are concerned.
With the above set of movies and hundreds of others coming to the theaters, the year is going to be anything but boring. Let us fasten our seat belts and wait for this super ride.

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