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Moral Science with Mother Nature

Moral Science with Mother Nature 7

As most of us know, Moral Science is a subject that tells us about how we should live our lives, the etiquettes we should follow. However, it took me quite some time to notice that the very same morals that I was learning from my Moral science textbook were the same ones that I could observe in Mother Nature.

Life is what mends us, changes us, into the adults we will become. A person’s life can change his character. Instances that occur in one’s life, the people he/she meets, inspiring words by an elder- anything, anything at all can bring about a change in one’s character or life.However, in our very own Nature, there have been a few instances that can inspire us. You don’t need anybody else-Mother Nature is all you need.

During dawn and dusk, the sky changes hues and turns into colours like blue, pink, orange, sometimes even purple! It reminds me of a story that told me that variety is important in life. It makes life colourful and bestows happiness.
Mother NatureOceans are large and much vast as compared to rivers, brooks and streams, but only the fresh water can be used rather than the humongous quantity of salt water that we get in oceans. So, no matter how big you are, how beautiful you are, how rich you are, what you have inside your head is what matters the most, your efficiency.

Mother NatureWhen you step on sand, your foot makes deep impressions in the sand but once other people trod over it, the sand levels again. Same way, whenever a person makes a deep impression in our heart, it will level once people walk over it and help you get through. Love heals.

Whenever there is rain, water is scattered throughout the place, some in the sea, some on plants. After the rain, the rain droplets that fell into the sea are unnoticed, but the ones on plants are described as pearls. Always remember that you should be in a place where you can shine.

Mother Nature

On Earth, there are two tides- a high tide and a low tide, just the way we have ups and downs in life. The whole beauty of the ocean lies in those tides, just like the beauty of life lies in the ups and downs.

Our heart beats in a steady rhythm: Lup-Dup.The same rhythm over and over again. This uniformity brings about life.The efficient working and coordination of all organs bring about the success of the human body. Without the help of even one organ, we would be a total failure. Unity is Strength.

Every animal isn’t the same, is it? One has an exceptional quality that another hasn’t. They may be similar in certain ways, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. Like that, every human is unique. Their talents are unique. You shouldn’t expect to be like another person. You have your talents. Nobody’s talents are the same. It’s our uniqueness that distinguishes us.

Mother Nature

For me, the greatest lesson that Mother Nature has taught me is that life is unpredictable. Anything can happen tomorrow. We will never be able to predict things that might happen.

Live your life mainly for today, but don’t forget tomorrow!!

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Written by Janani Ganesh

Life is so short , isn't it? Sometimes you feel you have hardly time for anything. But if you make time to read, you can learn about the universe and beyond. On that note, I want to share my feelings, views and thoughts to the world, to establish myself a place in this world.

I want to inspire, not to be inspired.

I don't want to be the next APJ, I don't want to be the next A.R.Rahaman, I don't want to be the next Saina Newhal........

I am going to be the first Janani Ganesh!

.......And you , my readers are going to help me acheive that.


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