Mars One- A Mission That Will Set a Page Turner in the History of Mankind

Mars One- A Mission That Will Set a Page Turner in the History of Mankind 4

People are all staring at the screens in public, in houses, in offices, schools and colleges, stadiums, clubs, cafes, hotels. Everyone is breathing hard, trying to keep as quite as possible. News devouring the internet, murmurs galloping, smiles on some faces, pride on many faces, tears from few. It has happened just 7 minutes before. But still, they can’t wait but look at the screens. It takes 8 minutes for a signal to reach the Earth from Mars. The very first human footstep on the planet Mars is successful. The screens started broadcasting; people shouting in excitement, splitting open the rooftop, celebrating the minute of pride in the history of humanity.

In front of mother nature, we humans stood as an inexorable and unbeatable living beings of the planet Earth. The above moment is going to come true, setting a biggest page turner in the history of human evolution.



Mars one is a community that is managing the colonization of humans on planet Mars. Being in close chains with NASA, this community had already kick started the mission by conducting the selection process for those who are going to travel to MARS. The process is already over by short listing 100 applicants. The details, procedures going to be followed and all the other information are available in it’s official website  These 100 shortlisted candidates will be trained for next 8 to 10 years after which, on 2025- journey to the Mars will commence.

When humans set foot on Moon, it was a different story. We hadn’t achieved technological advancements as of now. And also, exploration of moon is a two way journey, whereas Mars one mission is one way.

Yeah, that’s right. People won’t or can’t come back once they set foot on the MARS.


The potential candidates for this mission are not only those who studied space sciences and working in that field. Civilians from all over the world- different age groups, sex, countries, lifestyle have got shortlisted and are going to be trained.

3 Indians-Tharanjeeth Singh, Rithika Singh and ShradhaPrasath are three among those 100 candidates. Already media and magazines swarmed around them and made them instantly popular.

Why Mars?

                In a recent talk delivered in TED, Lucianne Walkowicz, an astronaut herself states that “Earth itself is a beautiful and resourceful planet for living beings like us to survive”. According to the activists and social reformers, the idea of keeping the planet Mars as a backup, in case of any major calamities or extermination of large number of human and animal population is a very dangerous proposal. It will create an excuse for us to exploit yet more natural resources.    20

On the other hand, scientists who are working and believing in Mars mission put forward a fact that, even beautiful planets like Earth may go through any destruction. In order to be invincible and safeguard ourselves from any kind of natural disasters, we have to take a step further.

Reaching Mars is not the ultimate destination. These gonna be Martians have to find survival strategies in an alien planet, with provided resources and also make way for forth coming humans. Wait a second, did I mention ‘Alien Planet’? Sorry, I am still in the Earthian-era. Coming to Martian-era, it would be this; Earth- an alien planet at the verge of extinct, Humans-a vulnerable alien species looking for habitat, Colonization of Mars- invasion of Mars by aliens from Earth.


A monologue from the movie ‘The Martian’ is coming to my mind which is witty enough and insightful- “In Mars, if I sleep, I am the first man to do it. If I wake up, I am the first man to do it. If I climb a mountain, I am the first man to do it”.

Let’s wait for that day to watch the humans create evidences of our potentials in another planet.


Written by Maha

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