The Man from U.N.C.L.E. It is a solid match for the writer and director Ritchie, who made his name with London movies like  Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Cellular, and has gone ahead to deliver Hollywood,s restarted take on  Sherlock Holmes which stars Robert Downey Jr.The Man From U.N.C.L.E is very different with hyper-realistic fight scenes and is a very unique pressed film packed with overflow of jokes,romance, unpredictable action sequences, and buddy comedy scenes.

You get everything in Man From U.N.C.L.E. A film considering the provision of ’60s television reboot starring Robert Vaughn and David McCallum. .From the very first scene there is heavy action and lots of comedic and dramatic moments till the end of the final climax scene, where they tell the heroes that have been assigned to the team of spies. It’s just that the movie is very, very, very stylish and has full spy content like any James Bond or Jason Bourne movie (in fact: super action stuff here, folks).The plot is set in motion when the film begins, there is no “Opening Action ” like in James Bond or Indiana Jones style you see here is what we have said is the tail end of a mission unrelated to order to get familiar with our hero. The film begins at the moment that history does, and the CIA Napoleon Solo (Henry Cavill as tough and dry in the same way) to go to the Berlin Wall at the height of the Cold War with the Female lead  Gaby Teller (Wikander), ultra-hot car mechanic (sigh), whose father is absent  a genius scientist as harmful to stop a nuclear bomb threat.


At this point, the film gives you the entry of our third hero Ilya Kuryakin like Russian KGB agent, played almost superhuman itself like in the movie Lone Ranger, Armie Hammer, who very soon – and true to the premises of the television series  is  forced to join the United States, as Napoleon Solo Russia unite to stop the common threat – ie, evil (hence the very rich, and because it is a spy spoof) Victoria Vinciguerra (Elizabeth Debicki), which is mounting a warhead on the island fortress, isolated from the intentions of the absolute world domination.
From here on, it’s fun template fake path spy movie filled to capacity with exposure, as our very different characters spend most (if not all) of the bickering implementation and control, and then eventually came to the conclusion – you guessed it already , right? – The fact that two heads (including two heads of enemy peoples who hate each other) are better than one.

If you are not familiar with the TV series in which this film is based (as most are likely to be), The Man from UNCLE not win new fans around the creation of Sam Rolfe, and no one bothers if a sequel film is set in the development or not. This is a light, fun and inconsequential film – a much enhanced and limited by its cheerful tone. Still, you could do worse than spend two hours in the bright ultra-fashionable world of Guy Ritchie.

Verdict : ★★★★

Did you like this movie? Comment down below your favourite moments from The Man From U.N.C.L.E


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