Love Her, She Is Your Country

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Love Her, She Is Your Country 1

India :)

Every other day now we find it fashionable to opt for USA or a foreign country in general than remaining in India! We want to marry a boy/girl from USA; we want to work in USA. It is fashionable to wear even a dress or a Sandal that is from the USA! Of Course India may not look as glitzy as many foreign countries but surely, there is a lot to be loved in India.
We live much more in harmony with nature and with the understanding that the world is meant for all beings not humans alone! We have a rich tradition which other countries envy us for and they yearn to follow us while we cold shoulder our tradition and our way of living. We enjoy a lot more of freedom. You can heat the oil to a boil peacefully without the fear of sprinklers drowning your house. You can choose to slow down your car to enjoy a rainbow or to brake to let a kitten pass by or you can celebrate the end of your exams by bursting crackers – none of which you can do in USA ! The problem with most of us is that we want great freedom and we want others to be orderly so as to make our life easy! We do not want to throw garbage in the bins but we want the roads clean, we want others to drive sensibly so that we can over speed and so on. The major problem lies in our attitude. My friends who currently live in the US claim that they have to stand in long queues in banks and offices to get things done. Indians have no problem waiting in the US, but to wait in India seems very distressing!
Dr. Abdul Kalam once mentioned in one of his talks about how we tend to concentrate on all that is wrong about India than what is good !


We crib that we do not have enough research grants in India but we fail to recognize that it is this dearth of resource that has caused our ISRO scientists to think out of the box and find an ingenious way to launch a satellite to Mars so cost effectively when the other countries who could spend money did not think of!
I am not suggesting that there is nothing to improve in India! I am merely suggesting that we should love India for all that she has given us.

India :)
A bullock cart ride ? A flock of lambs crossing the road ? All these are what make Incredible India!
Do you think you are not proud of your country? Then ask to yourself “What change in India will make me feel proud of my country?” and work towards making at least one aspect of India more adorable.
There is no such thing as perfect in this universe! No perfect element, no perfect human being and no perfect country too!
There are a million selfish faults of USA that we are ready to turn a blind eye, but we do not appreciate that it is our beautiful country that has nourished us and brought us up.
For once, shall we look for reasons to love our country for all the million things that she has given us?




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