LIVE IN NOW – New Oath Of Wow

LIVE IN NOW – New Oath Of Wow 4

“What lies behind us and what lies before us is nothing compared to what lies within us.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes had said this in order to help us see everything in a hopeful and positive manner. There are many things in and around us which influence our way of living, our demeanor, our attitude towards life. It’s important that what we are taking out of what we learnt must be good not bad. We human beings have impulse and volcanic reactions to the situations which we cannot accept.

Here what lies behind us is considered as our past which we left behind. We have surpassed it, We got over it. But many of us can’t really enjoy today. If we have a past which is hurting and in which we have done mistakes, we get scared. Isn’t that peculiar to grieve on past and not to utilize what we got today in our hands. Mistakes do deprive us to live happily. There is always good to have small amount of fear in order to refrain from doing wrong. But then again despite of putting lot of efforts to be fearless, we sometimes abort.





Mistakes teach us many things. We need not be right every time and in everything. We should leave the fear behind and accept the things. Unless and until we accept, it seems to be a pain. Life teaches us at every moment. We shouldn’t give up when something goes wrong. At the same time we should not have the pride for what we gained in our lives. It is a human tendency that we crave for what we don’t have rather than being happy with what we have. There’s a saying that we cannot change the past, we cannot predict the future all we got is today to mend ourselves for the betterment of tomorrow.




The biggest gift for human being is to forget. We should also learn to forgive in order to move on and move in the path of success. When something troubles us we immediately start hating it and as a result it never leaves us. We keep remembering it often. Hatred, fear and being conscious are some of the factors which won’t let to turn from the past. Here the deciding factor arises. What do we choose, stick to it and cry or let go and have a fresh start. You lead your life happily before this, you will now again.

The main thing which we ought to know is it’s alright to commit mistakes but not to repeat the same mistake. The motto is to seek the truth from it. But it’s important to see that we must not let the mistakes to affect our character. Everyone gives suggestions but it’s up to us to take them or not. Eventually we end up doing what our heart says irrespective of knowing its output. Now-a-days society mystifies us in all the things we do. They are no sooth Sayers so never try to change ourselves for others. Sometimes wrong choice takes us to the right places and some sure senses lead us into unexpected failures. It’s better to put our utmost efforts and hope without fearing too much.


Coming to what lies before us, it is the future in which we can accomplish many tasks without referring to our past deeds. Forecasting the future is impossible. but we can plan according to it. We are so busy living in either past or future, either in fear or imagination. We never know what actually happens tomorrow. So why ruin today by chasing tomorrow. On the contrary there will always be our inner voice to warn us when we are abstruse about anything. Life is always contorted, but no one is ineptitude to handle it. We have enough strength to deal with it. Motivation is what all we need.



Look around how many times did you actually enjoy what is around, when was the last time you paid attention to what is happening now rather thinking about the last party you have missed or about the date you are going to go later. How important is to understand the reality and live with it? Present is reality. Accepting what life offers us, what challenges it throws us at. If we decide to be happy in now not worrying about the results it yields, how would that feel like. AWESOME.  Drop out of college & invent something vivid, leave your job and sing in the bar.Go ahead. Don’t save it up for tomorrow for which we are not confident whether do we wake up tomorrow morning or not.  Neither the past nor the future can defines us nor alter the present. Live it well. Take the new oath of wow. Live in now.


Author bio :

Madhuri Naidu

Writing is my passion and motivation as it inspires my own soul as well as others. . Poet by heart . Blogger &  avid reader. Woman with Wanderlust.


Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula

Written by Madhuri Naidu Chavvakula

: Writing is my passion and motivation as it inspires my own soul as well as others. . Poet by heart . Blogger & avid reader. Woman with Wanderlust.

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