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The Life in engineering– Changing scenarios after 12th Class

The Life in engineering-- Changing scenarios after 12th Class 4

” Your future is shaped by how you manage your present, learning from the past “

Here, as the topic well suggests, I am going to focus on certain categories of students, coming into an engineering college and the changes that surround their lives once they get just settled, on the basis of my personal experience. 

As soon as the class 10 board exams are over, students tend to get serious , as they are said, “You just have to struggle for the coming two years, rest all will be assured thereafter. ” Most of you must have heard this statement, as have I. Students get the colleges on the basis of their hard work in the board and competitive exams. The change they would be about to face will be similar irrespective of the colleges they get registered in. The following write up is focused on students who go out of their hometown for the purpose of “studying “.

  1. The extreme sincere ones:

Always found with a book in one hand, socially inactive as we know them. These students are all for studies and continue with the same trend in colleges even, whether be an IIT or any other college, these type of students are present everywhere in very small numbers. These remain unaffected with their surroundings and often tend to lecture their colleagues on what is wrong and right, and what you should or should not do.  Never indulging in any bad activities is their slogan for the upcoming 4 to 5 years, along with regularly attending the college. Their life starts and ends in college.  Only around 1 percent of such tend to enjoy the college life, that becomes part of the change around them, that is drifting away from that monotonous college life.2976755407_d865cd672f_b

2. The more sincere and lesser enthusiastic ones:

This group always had a thing for some enjoyment alongside studies. As soon as the college starts, they care about the college academics , but at the same time try and find other “productive ” things to do in the next 4 years , that is becoming a part of any startup, indulging in different college clubs . This is what I meant by drifting away from that monotonous life. But this lot tend to make their life monotonous after a year has passed. Being the sincere ones, they also think of being morally right every time. But the scope of them indulging in the change around them is far more than the above lot, which often is the case. They may not attend lectures regularly, but the academic result is an important aspect for them.

3. The sincere lot (More enthusiastic ones):

As the category suggests, once the college starts, they always try and find exciting and new ways of spending time. College becomes of least importance for them. They try to study, but the company they indulge in restricts them from the same. The first year does much less harm, but what would  unfold, remains a serious threat to their academic life. Their negligence towards college tend to increase and a time comes when they think of it as a mere degree. This can be the case with the above category even, who find friends from this category with the passing time.

4. The carefree ones:

These students, from the start of college, are least bothered about academics. With the passing time, after settling and making friends they tend to drift even more. Partying becomes the main pass time, and with the time rolling they often tend to affect the above two categories further, once they get acquainted with each other.

Well, according to me, these are the categories, we tend to find in the engineering background. Well, I have talked about drifting away and change. What exactly do I mean by it? Well, it can be good or bad. The latter categories are much lesser thought to be influenced by the former ones. Exceptions are always there. But yet, the former gets influenced by the latter easily. As is the case with engineering, leaving aside the first category, at some point of time , each of the category suffers from the thought of leading a monotonous life, think much about the latter category, on how they spend their time. They more often tend to think that they can manage studies , do the college according to its requirement ,and at the same time enjoy he four years, which will never come back, because once they are through, an altogether new life will be awaiting them. I don’t say the first category students are wrong in what they do, but they certainly miss some things, which they realize later on.

I say, be .drifting away is important. Because you learn the art of living in these four years, you learn to handle different situations, you get to learn about the people. how deceptive or good people be. Away from home, you are here to do much more than taking the bookish knowledge. (Not to be confused with the fact that Engineering is not important, after all it is the thing we have come to do at the first place.) Drifting away does not definitely mean indulging in foul activities, it means enjoying the life, in order to complete the degree well. It means indulging in new things, sharing ideas, practical knowledge, which is more important than any marks you obtain.

The 2nd and 3rd category often remain part and parcel of these tings. Maybe indulge in one or two indecent activities, they actually come up with what they have to do ahead, which is important and of course thus they tend to move away from such activities which they should not do in that space of time.

Engineering can be many things for many students, but here is when one learns what is good and what is bad for him or her.3526522573_8f40a675b6

The purpose of this article is not just to showcase the type of students who are present in such system, but to understand the aspect of different things. You tend to find real friends in college, but it then becomes important to get molded together in the right path. The former categories of students, mainly who tend to end up in (3 and 4) after a year or two have passed, are found cursing the system more often than not, due to some failure in academics. But what is important is to understand what has passed has passed, and now they will have to shape their present, planning things accordingly, enjoying, but thinking about their future. The life till the 12th class is very different from what one may find in college, depending upon the company he or she chooses to be in. But, as I said earlier, learning is most important, and even more important is to find out the person you are and realizing how to shape your future.

The categories 1 and 2 tend to go for placements and it is good for them. Mistakes are bound to be committed  ,but as I said earlier, some students from these categories realize the actual aspect of their lives later than the former two, and some remain happy leading that monotonous life, which even further awaits them. It is thus important to learn from the mistakes made in the past and use the experience to shape oneself further. It is important to question the answers at every point , the answers which we get from within on the way we lead or try to lead our life, and thus settle for the thing which is the best for us.

Whatever be the case, the student is affected by the changes both good and bad during the period  of graduation, and certainly develops it in him to inflict what is best for him or her.

I hope you must have understood the reason of my starting quote, now that you have read the article.

Signing off with the Mahatma Gandhi quote:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”



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