Let’s Have a Tryst With Peace

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Peace! A simple five letter word, and yet it has a different meaning to millions of people. Peace is purely a state of mind and an intangible element which can only be felt. If I ask you or anyone what does peace mean to you? Everyone will have their own quaint explanations. For some peace is being with their family and for some peace is in being alone. In eloquent terms, peace means freedom from all disputes, absence of war, mental stress and anxiety. Peace comes from within; if it’s not inside, you can’t find it outside. We always have a constant battle between mind and heart and peace is the element which can probably fix it. This world is in a desperate need of peace. We need to have peace within countries, states, politicians, family and everyone we come across with. Peace comes when you have a feeling of complacency when you are free from your inner conflicts. What happens when you are not at peace? You imbibe anxiety, jealousy, hatred which results in conflicts within the family, at work and with all your dear ones.

I recall an incidence of my aunt who totally gave up on her marriage. She had no further hope and wanted to quit. One fine morning we (me and my parents) visited their place. I overheard my mom’s conversation with my aunt. I heard my mother saying that no matter how hard the situation is, you just have to remember one thing: never give up.

She continued, this phase is just a chapter of your life not the whole book, you can write a brand-new chapter on your own.

She said don’t let one negative action destroy the entire positive that you have. My aunt wept and at the end my mother said it’s time to turn the page instead of closing the book. When we were leaving my mom hugged my aunt and said don’t let the peace die inside you. That was the day I realized the importance of peace. There will be many people differently explaining their cliche of peace, but its meaning remains the same. We are invariably fighting with ourselves, where to live, what to do, how to do it, how to keep our families happy? Put a cessation, take a deep breath and relax.

You only have one life.

Don’t you want to live it to the fullest?

Why stress over each and every thing?

Forget about others, first you should instill peace within yourself. Anger is also one of the vague reasons for destroying the peace within us. People are always telling us to listen to our heart not mind and some says use your mind not your heart. Will someone tell me to whom should I listen? Well after a long time I discovered my answer, if you have a harmonious relationship with your mind and heart you can easily come away from your predicaments.

Peace begins from within: if you are not peaceful inside, the world you see will be chaotic.

A heart and mind at peace give life to the body. Do what is good for your soul and it will bring you to peace. Peace has the audacity to transform unwanted violence into wanted love. If we will be at peace then only we’ll be able to keep this world at peace. We just need to make a balance between our hearts and minds to attain peace.  This time instead of going on a vacation to a physical place, go on a vacation within yourself while sitting at home and discover your inner peace. So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to have a tryst with peace?

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