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“God’s work in creation is too wonderful, too ancient, too beautiful, too good to be desecrated.”
We very finely know that we all are the creatures of one god. Everybody have their sole action to perform in this life span and at the end have to meet at one single place, from where all this started. But why are we willingly forgetting such things? Why are we widening the gap among ourselves?
Here present you the most top listed creatures who need to befriend!

1. India-Pakistan

It has been 68 years since Pakistan got separated from India, but still the cold war is on. The separation promised the prosperity and growth among the Hindus and Muslims, which was against the idea of Bapu. But he still agreed to it as the assurance was peace. But what peace are we observing now? Is this actually peace? The only answer to this question is, there are no religions in the eyes of god. It is we who had created such norms which are actually leading to a wrong way and becoming one of the biggest reason of inhumanity. Even these physical boundaries are the one which we are created by us only. Why can’t we accept that this is all of god, not mine or yours!

2. Humans-Nature

Humans are not just the single thing created by god. In fact, it was the nature first, who came into existence.

Also  it is a compliment to us by god, rather a need! But what are we doing on our part? Are we complementing each other equally? Are we giving in return something to this nature? No! but we are the best ones to destruct it. Nature which is actually providing us with the life, we are totally ruining it for our personal benefits. And believe me, we are becoming more than selfish! And definitely we are going to suffer if we don’t stop this here itself. The quakes, floods are the signs of our sins.

3. 90s-19s

Here I am not talking about the two different eras, but the two different ages. The point here is related to an old age person and a new generation. In this situation, we can’t just blame one single party, the wrongs are from both the sides. None of them is ready to accept each other, their views, their workings. And the differences starts from the homes itself. The relation between the grandparents and their grandchildren are not so pleasant. In fact, the children aren’t even ready to listen to their parents. So exactly the problem is the generation gap. The situations in some of the cases even go worse when they start sending the elders of the house to live in old age home! Solution to this problem can only be mutual understanding and start giving respect to each other’s experiences and knowledge.

4. Rich-Poor

A country is said to be powerful when it is economically strong. And the economy of the country lies within the people of the country. Though nobody willingly wants to be poor, but the situations when go worse, no one can change it. And similarly, everybody wishes to be rich, but when good times start coming, no  body wants to change it. But seriously, have you ever thought of how these changes in our lives affect different people? We need to understand that except our own personal life, we have a lot more responsibilities. Our social responsibility tells us that we need to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor. And less the gap between rich and poor, more good economy of the country will be.

“While I know myself as a creation of God, I am also obliged to realize and remember that everyone else and everything else are also God’s creation.”

mansi sharma

Written by mansi sharma

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