Know Thyself, Conquer Yourself to Conquer the World

Know Thyself, Conquer Yourself to Conquer the World 4


Have you ever taken a jaunt into your inner self? Wondered why your thoughts are moving any time? The answer is “simple” unless we complicate it. We are ignorant in recognizing ourselves. For example, let us consider a person possessing the aptitude for a butcher and what if he turns up as a surgeon without realizing his true potential?! The consequence is obvious. He would end up butchering his patients. Sounds funny? But this is the reality.socrates_2

Many times, without actually knowing our capability we force ourselves to expertise in some domain either by compulsion or by prejudice (by being judgemental). We do lots of research and invest our time in analysing the products prior to purchase to ensure its quality. While we give so much importance to the non-living material things, why not spend some time in inquiring the alive “You”?!know-your-limits-evolution

One who fails in judging oneself also fails in realizing the truth and maintains the artificiality of his character created by others. That is the moment when he begins losing his individuality. It means losing your identity. This should not be confused with the abstract concept of unfolding one’s spirit. Rather it is analysing one’s strength and weakness, taste and distaste. It makes us more aware of our moods, our response to the surroundings and improves decision-making ability. Unless you know who you’re? And what you are up to, you can’t choose the right path for your life. Moreover, it reduces the negative influence the others could have on us.  It probes into the human relationships with other. It replaces self-ambiguity with self-esteem.


An aspiring person becomes a triumphant when he conquers himself. The victory over one’s self-stands before the victory over others. There is a famous saying that goes as, “Truths are not truths to you unless you realize them within yourself. Without realization, they are just ideas…” Our perception may falter us at times when we are unaware of the truth behind it. The sense of inquiry helps in distinguishing between the right and wrong in what we perceive

You may think why self-awareness is important while people are in pace with fast growing technology. The reason is everything external to the individual is futile when the internal being is dysfunctional. There is a slight difference between what you are and what you ought to owe to a lack of self-discovery.

no-yes1           Our actions are an expression of our own thoughts. Without realizing the self in its entirety, the control over one’s actions is merely impossible. To formulate a positive space for introspection of your mind, shed the debilitating ideas that have a negative impact on the thought process. If you endeavour in relinquishing pessimistic ideas, then life will be embellished with satiety and felicity.  Purge your mind for better perspective inflow of ideas. Optimism combined with vitality rejuvenates the psyche.

This self-realization process is never ending that renews the spirit and strengthens the thoughts. The self-examination is essential for your enhancement.

To gain control over your thoughts, knowing thyself is utmost important. Break the shackles that hamper you from discovering the real you.  If you are still camouflaging, this is the right moment to unmask you!! Let the scale fall from your eyes to brighten the life as a sunrise.

Bharati S R

Written by Bharati S R

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