Kissing Fish Found In Australian Waters


Blue bastard is a type of fish that is found in the Australian waters. Locals from North Australia christened the fish with this idiomatic name as a result of the trouble undertaken to catch it as well as its hue. The fish, discovered mainly in tropical waters in northern Australia, grows up till 1 meter and keeps turning blue with age. Initially this was thought to be just another sweetlipes fish.

In addition its exclusive physical structures and name, the fish also comes with some uncommon practices. Opposing male fishes frequently lock lips when in conflict. This is assumed to be kissing by the local fishermen. Though it’s nothing like that, it may just be a way of responding in combat times. This blue bastard like its previous generations is not eatable because of the horrible taste.

Researchers suspect that these are not the last species of this family. More are to be discovered as time passes.

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