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“Is it Okay, bro?”, “Yeah, It’s VOGAYY!”…

Of late, I have been performing a habitual literary action while chatting with people through Whatsapp (ironic, because, Whatsapp itself has become a habit for me; but, I find solace in the fact, that I am not the only fudger – sensitive Indians might be lurking! – addicted to this green little app in smartphones!). Some people find it really funny. Some people find it “cool”. Just kidding! It’s just one – the pretty girl, that friend – zoned me the moment I said “Hi!”. (Whoever invented the friend zone!). Some get irked by it, their ears (quite metaphorically!) perk up, but they return to the state of normalcy once they realise that it’s me – “Oh! Wait! Wha.. Nah.. No way! It’s that dumb guy again, isn’t it?”! Sick of this! Anyway, it’s get a lot of attention – this I am sure of. A 103.645 percentage!

Anyway, let’s get down and dirty – for the sake of inserting that wordplay – with this literary butchery I have been carrying out in these past days! It’s the induction of the accents of my mother tongue into  English words and phrases, which are seemingly okay (mark this word!), to the unerring eye! It could be a simple word, or a simple exclamation like, perhaps, a “Psabbah!“, which, in case you are not familiar with it, is a Tamil exclamatory word – more a reaction, less a word – which is said when something or someone drains out your mental and physical strength! This one word was mainly popularized by the Tamil comedian Vadivelu, who is well known for his rib-tickling and gobsmacking joke sequences in films. I know, for those of you who do know him, you are laughing out loud, right now, thinking about his iconic movie scenes and dialogues! And, for those of you who don’t know him, go make a “fudge” for yourself!(*crowns himself the King of Word play!*).

But, the most prominent one that I use and is readily accepted by my dear, poor friends (and also Ms. Pretty-Girl-Who-Friend-Zoned-Me! I wouldn’t, for the life of mine, say her name to you. I mean, what were you thinking?), is the rendition of the word Okay (you didn’t mark the word did ya?) heavily influenced by the iconic Tamil slang: “Vogayy.” I picked it up from a senior in college. So, it would be bad if I didn’t thank him. So, shout out to him (and also to his super hot girlfriend, for no apparent reason!). Any way, yeah you know the deal. You know what “Okay” means right? (If you don’t, then either you are too young to be on the Internet, or you simply have no friends!) So, basically, when you say it in the Tamil slang, people find it quite attractive, and they feel there’s something charming about you (until they see your Facebook profile pic, and friend zone you! Wait for the vainglorious moment! *silent tears*).

At the end of the day, it is certainly enriching to try something new and let your imagination and creativity run amok in the world of technology and… Just Kidding! Get off this page. You got exams to study for. *Note to myself too*. So, in conclusion, don’t forget your native things in the pursuit of Le Internationale and yes, I am idiot, making things up!

P.S : I was just saying porkies about letting the girl’s name out. I would definitely say it. Provided you message me privately.*


S Yuvan

Written by S Yuvan

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