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Insect Found Inside Domino’s Oregano Packets

Insect Found Inside Domino's Oregano Packets 4

Insect Found Inside Domino's Oregano Packets 5

A Delhi guy namely Rahul Arora uploaded a video on 10 September on his Facebook profile, with a caption- ” Beware!! All lovers of Dominos India’s oregano, like myself. This what they make you eat.” He posted on Facebook. The company apologized for this incident and even told that they will investigate the situation.

He had ordered pizzas from Dominos on Friday evening but noticed the insect infected seasoning next day. According to him, the insects were very small, and they can be very easily mistaken for herbs and also they didn’t move much and look very similar to herbs. He even told that all 4 season packets had insects.

After the video went viral, he received a call from Dominos offering to replace his order. He told them it’s not a late delivery complaint, but due to their contaminated food, his whole got sick.

Rahul also filed a complaint with Department of Consumer Affair. In its defense, Dominos is saying that they maintain strict hygiene and high-quality standards in their food items. They also said that they check the seasonings properly and keep them in proper storage.

Image Source: Ndtv

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