Indraprastha College Presents TROIKA 2016



Indraprastha College for Women presents ‘TROIKA 2016’, a three day Inter-College Cultural Fest on 28th, 29th and 30th January 2016

On 28th January join us for an interesting and interactive Panel Discussion to understand the imperative viewpoints on ‘The Impact of Dating Apps on Youth’. After social networking apps, dating apps are coming up as one of the most popular apps among youth. ‘Is it safe?’ ‘Is it the next ‘cool’ thing?’ ‘What are the things to keep in mind?’ ‘How is it affecting the already fast progressing society?’ ‘What are some of the popular dating apps?’ and many more questions will be addressed and it is open for all students to participate!

On 29th January, express and explore your minds and compete to become our poet of the day in a competitiveKavi Samelan! Get your quills and ink your parchments! For all the students who are creative and have much to express, register now!


On 30th January, all the musicians in campus get to fulfill their dreams to perform in front of an enthusiastic college audience, for it is the day of ‘The Battle of Bands’! The college is conducting an online prelims for registrations so musicians get going now.

For event details and registration contact us at [email protected] or look up for us on Facebook: Troika 2016



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