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Indian Sarees – 6 Yards Of Elegance!

Indian Sarees – 6 Yards Of Elegance! 7

It is well said that

‘Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than a sari does.’

Well, this is one fact every Indian, man or woman, would agree to. The Indian attire is renowned throughout the world, for its ethnic beauty, perfectly depicting the richness of the traditional wear. Sarees are known for their grandeur and splendor. Apart from the beauty, it also makes the one wearing it feel comfortable.

Indian Sarees – 6 Yards Of Elegance! 8

One should not be confused with the different kinds of Indian wear. The number is countless. The varieties of traditional wear in India are different in every state and every corner of the country. Though sari is common for most of India, there are different patterns and styles of not just designing it but also different styles in adorning it. Saris, Salwar Kameez, Lehenga, Kurtis are some of the different kinds of the Indian wear. They have a wide appeal both among the working women and housewives. A lot of variations including region as well as religion mark the styles of Indian clothing. Sampada is so proud of the Indian wear and claims that she flaunts it off in every possible way. She says, “Whatever said and done, the comfort one feels in wearing a simple cotton chudidhar or salwar kameez cannot be replaced by anything else. College or workplace, or in fact, I would suggest girls to wear Indian wear any place they go to. Nothing makes it look odd or out of fashion. The essence and style remains!”

Sari is a long piece of cloth made from fine cotton, silk, or other fabrics, weaving in different designs and patterns. A mix of varied colours is a special attraction to any sari. While speaking about sari, one shouldn’t forget the essence of border and embroidery on the sari. Combination of fantastic colours and adorable stunning embroidery is a major element in any sari. Most South Indian saris are known for their exclusive design on the border of a silk sari, also known as pattu sari. Kanjivaram silk sari is a famous bridal wear in South India and is also best meant for festive occasions. “Kanjivaram is one of the most expensive silks and is considered a ‘must have’ by every Indian woman. Bright colours, pure silk and those amazing thread woven patterns attract me so much”, says Padma, a sari freak.

Kanjivaram is just one type of the silk sari. Different places in the South have different kinds of saris woven each day for the millions who spend hours in shops to select just one of them. Banarasi, Chandheri, Tant, Venkatagiri, Pochampally, Narayanpet, Gadwal slik are some very commonly known types of saris and silk saris. Most of these names of saris have originated from the place where they are stitched and weaved. When asked why silk sari is her favourite, Oshin says, “I’m from the North and so I am used to the fancy saris there. But these pure silk saris and those colours make me feel energetic and happy. I borrow most of them from my friends and wear them so often.”

Indian Sarees – 6 Yards Of Elegance! 9
Silk Saree

Coming to North India, apart from saris, Lehenga and Patiala is very famous. In the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, women dress themselves in multicoloured twirling skirts which is the Lehenga and matching it with a fancy short top or blouse called a Choli. As a part of the practices, they cover their heads with the veils which is beautifully woven in different colours and design. The veils are also called as Odhani. For weddings and other festive occasions, lehengas made out of rich fabric and distinct designs are specially woven.

With the modernization of time, this apparel is now available in very comfortable designs that can be worn to work, to parties or even as casual wear at home. So, you can choose from a wide variety of these dresses made out of cotton, crepe, silk and various other materials. Depending on one’s comfort level and the venue, one can make a right choice. For work, one can choose a simple cotton sari with a very classy border. But when it comes to an important meeting or an outdoor event, a bright coloured sari with a designer blouse is always a good idea. It is trend to match a fancy and designer blouse with a simple bright coloured sari and a simple blouse if the sari has unique and bright designs on it.

Shopping for this ethnic wear is much easier today. One can log onto the internet and find a thousand options in front of them with attractive prices and discounts. Also, no longer do Indian clothing enthusiasts have to make a trip to India to buy Indian clothes. You can sit in the comfort of your home and order an exquisite Indian sari of your choice anytime, anywhere. So, if you’re looking for the right time to buy a sari, do not think twice and check the various websites because, like your unlimited wants, the internet has unlimited choices for you to choose from.  Match up to the fashion level, grab a sari and flaunt it away!

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Written by Harini Prasad


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