India Welcomes The Text-Based Negotiations Of The UNSC Reforms


The expansion of Security Council will make India a tough competitor for a permanent position that is being on the discourse at present. The judgment of General Assembly is praised to be “path breaking” or “historical” by New Delhi.

In order to carry out with the Security Council Reforms the UN General Assembly selected the text- based negotiations and this was greeted by India with open hands.

Asoke Mukerji, who is the ambassador of India to the UN commented that this was the most progressive and positive step since there had been only been verbal statements during the last seven years that could be simply denied or disputed at the times or restoration of their decisions and activities.

Nevertheless, China, US and Russia averted the text which is thought to be an effort to prevent India from gaining this global body’s permanent membership. After the UN members agree upon the draft, it will be placed at the General Assembly where it must acquire two-thirds of the votes to be passed.

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