India Has The Potential To Grow Up To 8% According To Goldman


Based on structural reformations and the bottom-up credentials India can grow up to 8% over the next half decade till 2019-2020. If infrastructure, labor and proper education can be provided and red tapes can be reduced then this growth percentage can even be 9%. According to Goldman, India’s model of development is different from its East Asian counterpart of constant push on increase in manufacturing export and huge scale investment. It is in fact based on public driven demand and productivity enhancement.

Thus through  an amalgamation of proper ease of conducting business with reduced red tapes, upcoming technology and achievements through education growth process can actually be triggered in India.

Goldman said that a substantial growth in the GDP rate can be achieved by the creation of the appropriate retail infrastructure together with that of government services and banking that ultimately will raise the productivity of the country. These can be derived by high school graduates of more than 50 million and internet users of over 300 million. This is predicted to be acquired by India by 2020 that will definitely result in the development and growth of Indian GDP.

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