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India’s Affair With Right Wing Politics

India's Affair With Right Wing Politics 4








The following is an opinion piece by one of our writers and Icy Tales does not necessarily subscribe to the views expressed in the article. 


India boasts of a constitution that calls it a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and a republic state where the citizens are free to practice any religion and have certain basic rights. The question however arises that if there are certain laws for particular religions and there is a continuous disunity between people on the basis of religion, how is India a secular country?

The beef ban in India on religious grounds flouts every profound idea that the politicians have vouched for during the election campaigns. With the current central government the dream of a secular nation seems to be vanishing. The RSS openly promotes “Hindutva” and some of the Muslim leaders openly threaten various Hindu organisations and kill on religious grounds. The Hindu-Muslim riots have been a pitiful but an integral part of the nation, however the government has successively proven its inefficiency in controlling the masses or adopting measures to satisfy the different faiths.
Parties that claim to have leftist views are also inclined towards the majority or the minority for their votes. The Delhi elections saw the repulsion of the masses against the long standing parties of India,  The Indian National Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party. Aam Aadmi Party won by a majority of votes only to not work on their promises.
Over the past one year there have been attacks on the minorities in India, particularly Christians. These activities have hurt religious sentiments of many. Ignoring the inter-religious differences, one is forced to look for unity in one religion which is also a farce. Caste differences jump out in fluorescent green, highlighting every discourse on religious unity. India is one of the world’s largest but flawed democracies.

One factor impeding the country’s growth is class distinction, where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Illiteracy presides in most parts of the nation which results in unequal job opportunities and hence unequal wage. Inequality throbs in every vein of this democratic country.
Differences on the basis of colour and gender are quite extensive throughout the country. Women are at the base of the society and are unrewarded for their work whereas a man is the breadwinner of the family. Many areas of work are absolutely prohibited to women because they are considered the weaker sex and incapable of handling the stressful environment.

Several rape, theft and cases of abduction are reported every day but our police lacks in efficiency and the court cases are a drag. The political and the judicial systems of India are deeply injured.

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The common man is waiting for a revolution whereas all he receives is a mirage of reforms. Such conditions force a clarion call for anarchy. We are tired of injustice, disorganization, stagnancy and inequality. Tired of voting NOTA. Does India need a Marxist party? Can equality be brought about only by the left wing politics and if yes then what are the chances of India surviving as a Marxist state. Does the Left stand a chance against the Right? 
Can secularism be restored?


Pragya Anurag.


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Written by Pragya

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