10 Incredible Destinations for people with a Sweet tooth in Delhi


Delhi NCR is an absolute paradise to live or visit if one has a sweet tooth. In this era where molecular gastronomy has hit the capital, some traditional places still offer strong competition to new bubbling enterprises. In the quest to list top ten places, some personal bias has crept in to mention the best variety. Yet, the following places are appreciated both by critics and the public.

  1. Sugarama Patisserie

Forte – Innovative Cheesecakes

1352648-bigthumbnailAlthough it is not located at a great location, Chef Rama (the founder) has put his art and heart into creating desserts. It is a home to extraordinarily exquisite cheesecakes, in particular.

2. Whipped

dessertForte – Red velvet cake and Cheesecakes

Located at the GK 2 main road, Whipped boasts to have one of the best Red Velvet cake in town. Also, their variety and variations in chocolate cakes are excellent. Their seating area is beautifully set and their delivery is efficient too.

3. Bombakery

Forte – Cupcakes

dessertTheir cupcakes have acquired fame throughout Delhi NCR for both taste and presentation in a very short span of time. The Nutella cupcake is the most popular and cookies are equally good. They are currently offering takeaways and home delivery only. Yet, it is still getting a good response.

4. Frugurpop

10 Incredible Destinations for people with a Sweet tooth in Delhi 1

Forte – Popsicles (That’s the only thing they serve)
Banana Waffle Nutella being the most popular

Popsicle is an ice lolly made my directly freezing Fruit Juice or other ingredients like cookies, Nutella, peanut butter etc. in a water base. Frugurpop is a food truck that usually sets up at Sector 57

Gurgaon but they also offer home delivery with popsicles packed in boxes with dry ice.

5. Hokey Pokey

dessertForte – Customisable Ice Cream

Hokey Pokey stands out as an Ice cream parlour since they have employed molecular gastronomy in ice cream flavour mixing. With the sinful toppings on ice creams in waffle cups and nitro to keep it chilled, this place adds a whole new dimension to ice cream eating in the capital.

6. Wafflesome

dessertForte – Waffles (It was anyway obvious)

They serve only a small variety of Eggless waffles (that’s unique). However, they live up the price paid in terms of quality. Though chocolate and classic waffles are popular throughout the city, the show stopper at Wafflesome is the blueberry waffle.

7. Kanwarji’s

Forte – Gulab Jamun

10 Incredible Destinations for people with a Sweet tooth in Delhi 2

Legendary sweet shop in the heart of old Delhi – Chandani Chowk, it is a small shop in the corner of paranthe wali gali selling sweets and snacks. The chole bhature of this place are very popular too.


8. Kuremal Mohan Kulfi wala

dessertForte – Sitafal Kulfi

Again a legendary joint from Old Delhi again, the speciality of this place is that the kulfi from this place is stuffed with fruit in fruit variants and nuts in other cases.

9. Big Chill Cakery

Forte – Tiramisu

10 Incredible Destinations for people with a Sweet tooth in Delhi 3
Big Chill cakery

The success of desserts at Big Chill restaurants motivated the chain to open a store dedicated to desserts only. Although this place is expensive and doesn’t have seating space, it still manages to draw a great crowd and ratings. Carrot cake and walnut cake are specials too.

10. L’Opera

Forte – Almost Everything

10 Incredible Destinations for people with a Sweet tooth in Delhi 4

The most expensive bakery in town lives up to every penny spent in terms of taste and quality. From speciality desserts to savouries and cakes, each item shows innovation in taste and presentation both.

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