In-Between – More Than What We See









When I started writing this poem, in my mind, I saw rainbows and the beauty that people often hide within. We always perceive the world as it seems to be. We forget that there is more to things than just appearances. We forget what lies in-between. Time to change our perspective, don’t you think? If you want a better world, that’s what we need to do.


In the white rays of the sun

Hide the colours of rainbow seven

Beneath the flesh and skin

In all of us, flows blood red

In between pages bound in a book

Exists words and worlds of life

In the life of every person

Exists stories and lessons wise

In the heart of many men

I found love of many kinds

In the thoughts of my mind

I find others in me.

Don’t go by appearances

They may deceive

Look in the inside

You’ll find yourself surprised!




Time for us to think and consider what lies in-between.

I want to remind the readers to not be fooled by looks. Good day to you. 🙂

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Devika Todi