Icy Tales Contest Winner for 8th-15th November!

Hey Guys! Hope you had a great time this Diwali! Perhaps due to festivities the articles that came in this week were quite few. The editors await more and more articles this coming week so please WRITE TO US and don’t miss the chance of pocketing the Rs 1000 that the winner gets!

This week’s winner is


Abhishek Sinha

for the article

Kayla- The Snow Child

Here is the ICY TALES CONTEST Review Sheet for this week- do check it to see how you fared! Hope to see more of your articles in the coming week!

All the Best!

Icy Tales Team

Oindrila Gupta

Written by Oindrila Gupta

Oindrila Gupta is a student of Delhi University with a passion for Literature and her hobbies include music and dance. Apart from this, she is also a voracious reader and hopes to establish a career as an editor some day. Meanwhile she finds joy in little things and strives to make an impact through her writings in order to touch whatever lives she can. You can read more of her write-ups at

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