Indraprastha College Organizes “Financial Literacy Awareness Programme”


Financial-Literacy[1] The Department of Commerce of Indraprastha College for Women organized an insightful seminar on Financial Literacy on 20th January, 2016, by Varun Malhotra, the director and instructor at EIFS. He has an MBA degree in Finance from IIM, Ahmedabad and Washington University in St. Louis USA and has successfully completed all three levels of CMT and CFA.

In this Financial Literacy Awareness Programme (FLAP), he went over some of the basics of how money works in the world, how to earn, manage and invest it to gain potential profits.

At the age of 18, us college students should be earning, even if it’s just a little bit and not be a complete liability. We can get money through freelancing, working at a barista or in libraries etc. What little we earn can be invested in long term stock index and in the next forty or forty-five years, going by the average rates of return, the profits will be huge!

Also, stock market never gives you zero return! If invested in the right time and after proper considerations, stock market can be very profitable.

A little tip from Varun Malhotra:

“Buy when people are selling and sell when people are buying!”



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