When Humans Terrified The Devil

When Humans Terrified The Devil 4


Humans, what an amazing race we were, whenever in history we were given a chance to show our violent nature, we discovered ways to exacerbate it by performing effrontery, making us nothing but a pompous barbarous jargon. The multitude of antipathy we showed, the verbal castigation we performed, the chicanery that we did, are the few examples that contrite the essence of humanity. We have reached a stage where we have challenged the devil himself to ponder as to what is worse, the tricks that he performs over us or the challenge humans give him every time they get a chance. Not every one of us is bad, most of us are good inherently, but it’s the trick of the disingenuous persons that sometime we start following them blindly which in turn raises a conundrum as to whether we need the devil or we have become self-sufficient; as for now we are just becoming aberrant day by day with insidious thoughts that are enervating our mind.

The sky was sanguine in color, birds had disappeared, and the ground was shaking like it had never before, the cacophonous sound from the sirens became unnerving, people were running in the streets yelling fatuous sentences and then all hell broke loose. The sanguine sky had started raining and it was with nothing but fire, a loud noise seemed to be coming from a distance as people ran to save their lives. Within split seconds, humanity had reached a new low for it was none other than the Small Boy, the Americans nuclear weapon, which had arrived. Buildings were razed to the ground; lay peoples body burnt to crisp in the ashes of the ground, intermittently loud screeching or a sharp cry could be heard. The city of Hiroshima had become a Graveyard where not only a million people were buried but also the remnants of mankind. Crying in the corner was a shabby figure whom people did not recognize, HUMANITY.


We clutched each other’s hand so tightly that we promised that we would never let it go, while we were pushed inside the building. Suddenly it became too dark; many other people were also there. We could swear hearing a baby cry, a strange man was laughing unstoppably and blatantly babbling ingenuous remarks and all of a sudden it was complete dark. Out of nowhere the sprinklers installed on the ceiling started working and within no time we were drenched in a slimy fluid. Each one of us were so scared that we could barely speak, there was a complete silence. Finally after an hour of torment we could hear some activity, it was getting difficult to breath, and then it started. A strange gas was leaking in our chamber. My JEW husband took me in his arm and we caressed each other for one last time as we knew what it was and then slowly our bodies fell.
It was a regular day at Auschwitz where Jews were gassed by hydrogen cyanide. Total casualties were around 5.4 million, courtesy of the devil that roamed on earth, Adolf Hitler.

Starved prisoners, nearly dead from hunger, pose in concentration camp in Ebensee, Austria. The camp was reputedly used for "scientific" experiments. It was liberated by the 80th Division. May 7, 1945. Lt. A. E. Samuelson. (Army) NARA FILE #: 111-SC-204480 WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 1103

As I walked timidly towards my house after having a long day, I wanted to see my husband. What a tiring day it was. As I walked down a deserted street I swear I heard footsteps. I started walking at a greater pace but it appeared the footsteps were closing in. I became scared so I started running for my house. Out of nowhere a hand clutches my neck and suddenly I was on the ground. The impact of falling had already taken toll on my right hand. Three monstrous figures roamed around me with nothing else than lust in their eyes. I remembered being so scared that I was not able to speak anything. I started crying unstoppably when one of the monsters put his hand over my shoulder. I could still remember the smell of the whiskey that came from his mouth, and then suddenly it struck me that they were no one else than my colleagues. I begged them so hard to stop but they kept on laughing. I think I was almost passed out in shock when I heard the voice of my husband running towards me; those were the only voice I wanted to hear at that moment. The monsters took flight immediately. I remember the moment clearly when my husband saved me from those wolves, as I had survived a tragedy of lifetime, RAPE.


The above mentioned scenes are nothing but times when Humanity was ashamed to the extent that irreparable damages were done to it. Not even the devil would have dared to perform such atrocities that were done by the humans. The genocide on the name of peace, massacres for the hatred against an ethnicity, the unlawful submission of people for fulfilling the carnal desires are nothing but the fiends of humanity.

“Our continued lassitude should not become the reason for our downfall and our action should not become a lesson for the devil.”





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