How To Protect And Maintain Your Privacy Online

Keeping things private on the internet is really hard and your privacy is under attack at all times. From your ISP to governments, snooping into personal information is something that exists in every corner of the internet. If you know what you are up against whenever you browse the web, it becomes very easy to prevent any kind of information leaks and prevent anyone from snooping around on your personal information. How To Protect And Maintain Your Privacy Online

It doesn’t matter if you have sensitive information on your computer or not, letting people get access to your activity logs is not a pleasant experience. Let’s take a look at how you can stop others from gaining access to your web traffic.

One of the easiest ways to prevent any snooping on your personal information is by using an onion router. The Onion Router or TOR is one of the most effective tools to encrypt all of your information and share information with others privately. You can protect your identity using it and it is one of the most used tools by whistleblowers. Another great tool is a VPN, it allows you to maintain anonymity and gain access to websites that are banned in places where freedom of speech is limited.

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How To Protect And Maintain Your Privacy Online 0

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