How To Develop a Love For Reading In Your Kids At A Young Age?

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As much as it is perceived that the only way to increase the IQ of kids is to make them accustomed with the knowledge and skills of Math and Science, the fact is the most prominent way to higher the IQ of any kid is to introduce them to the world of literature. Not only reading (either fiction or non-fiction) increases the IQ it also builds a sense of empathy and connection in the world and makes the children more reasonable.

Though there is no age bar for learning or developing skills, starting at a young age can make the process easier.

Here are some tips to develop the love of reading in your children:

Start reading to them at an early age

And reading doesn’t limit to bed-time reading. Board books and cloth books as toys are good ideas. Read to them as often as you can, make them relate to the world of literature. Read them stories, and do it as interestingly as you can.

Take them to library regularly

The best way to develop a connection with books is to be around books. Make sure you visit libraries regularly, let them explore the options, don’t limit them to any section, let them see the beauty of the library on their own.

Don’t force them to start reading early

Loving literature and the capacity to read are two very different things, kids do things at their own pace, some kids do it early, some take their time, and neither should be a trouble. If they are taking their time to start reading, read to them, it makes the process more magical, apart from developing a love for books it will also make the between the bond between you too stronger.

Don’t cease reading to them once they start reading

Discontinuing reading to your kids abruptly once they start reading themselves is not a good idea. Reading to them will make the process of reading intimate for them, something more personal. And the memories can last a lifetime.

Don’t force your favorite books or genre on your kids

If they don’t like the books you are in love with, don’t make life hell for them. Not everyone loves the same books or genre. You forcing certain book or genre on your kids will only make them hate reading for good.

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