Growing up with Disney princesses with their Prince Charmings and elegant ball gowns and happy-ever-afters, we’ve all thought of (and perhaps even wanted at some point or the other, okay not perhaps, DEFINITELY WANTED) a Big Fat Greek(fill with whatever nationality you may have) wedding. Especially for the women out there, the idea of our own “big day” always seemed like an appealing idea when we were little and waiting for our own versions of Mr. Perfect. And seeing celebrities like Kim Kardashian West having lavish million dollar weddings makes us feel like our own princess wedding may be possible someday! But guess what, there’s another “princess” in the news.
Hong Kong Model's wedding rivals Kim Kardashian's 1

Hong-Kong based model, actress and singer Angela Yeung, a.k.a Angelababy (Funny right? She says she just clubbed her first name Angela and her nickname baby to come up with that name!) and the new Kim Kardashian of China, had her own version of a fairytale wedding. The wedding ceremony was estimated to cost $31 million, approximately thrice the amount spent on Kardashian’s nuptials, and just a little shy of William and Kate’s royal wedding cost, which was $34 million. (Woah! Our Chinese actress sure took Keeping up with the Kardashians a bit too far). The deets of the wedding are below: 12193015_10207678106820978_340475570_o

The ceremony was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, which was filled with thousands and thousands of roses which had the venue contain a beautiful rosy fragrance. Screens in and around the venue displayed the couple from their pre-wedding photo shoot, which was shot in Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower, with Angela wearing Eli Saab couture gowns! *long sigh and hand on fluttering heart* But that is not all. To top all of that, there was a holographic castle at the wedding (Taking the princess theme literally now, are we?), expensive gift bags, stained-glass window lights and flowers everywhere.

10576225_1652063688413983_715330589_nMoving on from the visual aspect down to the nitty gritty, the bride’s ring, designed by Parisian designer Chaumet features a five-carat pear-shaped diamond with another half a carat of diamonds around it. *bling* The bride’s wedding gown (which was a piece of art in itself) was custom-made by Christian Dior and took FIVE MONTHS to design and turn into a reality! According to Forbes, the gown had “115 feet of ivory satin organza, and 165 feet of tulle…a 10-foot-long train, and nearly 100 hand-cut rose bouquets made of Chantilly lace.” Truly, the dress was amazing. Adding to ALL of that, was the ginormous cake! It was a ten-feet-tall masterpiece designed to look like a carousel (Yes, it’s the thing with the horse chariots going round and round. Awesome, right?) which also took a MONTH to assemble (Wow).

There were 2,000 guests at the wedding, including some of East Asia’s biggest celebrities. Two thousand people who got to witness the miracle-wedding! But can you really imagine spending $31 million dollars to get married?

Frankly, I can’t. For me just the love of my life, a bouquet of flowers, a wedding dress, some diamonds, family and friends would suffice. Oh, and John Mayer. John Mayer singing in the background is very important. (Message to girlfriends: Tell my future hubby that! )

Jokes aside, let’s hope having over-the-top wedding ceremonies doesn’t turn into a competition.



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